Frantzie Watch: Frivolous Lawsuit Update

Just when we think North Miami Beach Commissioncritter Frantz Pierre couldn’t possibly be a bigger ass clown, he kicks it up another notch.

Just five days after Frantzie filed his “civil rights” lawsuit against the City of North Miami Beach, Deputy Manager Mac Serda and City Attorney Jose Smith, his lawyer amended the complaint.

In the original complaint, his grammatically challenged lawyer, Gregory D. Curtis, Esquire, initially claimed that Frantzie was deprived of his rights due to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Florida Civil Rights act of 1992, Florida Statue [sic] 760.

Not only did the lawyer spell “statute” wrong, he also cited the wrong law upon which to base his lawsuit.  As such, the amended complaint alleges that the defendants violated his client’s civil rights per “42 U.S.C. 1983, which provide [sic] for relief against discrimination and harassment in employment on the basis of race related thereto.”

Oh, yeah.  That’s some fine legal work there.  I hope he’s not charging Frantzie by the hour.

Then again, if the Sporkweasel of NMB could afford a good lawyer, he wouldn’t be stealing money from churches or filing frivolous lawsuits.

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North Miami: The organized persecution of prominent Haitian officials continues

The plot to hang a North Miami Police Commander for a “crime” he didn’t commit continues to get even more insidious.

Last July, when a SWAT team member, who was hired by and “trained” under former Police Chief Leonard Burgess, shot an unarmed black man with his hands up, all hell broke loose.  The Police Department and the the entire city received international attention, and not in a good way.  Despite the shooter’s sketchy background check, Officer Jonathan Aledda was issued a badge and a gun, and eventually became the department’s biggest headache.

Instead of accepting responsibility for the real problem, North Miami city officials went into spin control mode and conjured up a scapegoat to blame for the fiasco.  Newly appointed Commander Emile Hollant became the convenient fall guy when certain members of the department’s command staff saw the perfect opportunity to not only cover up their own incompetency, but also to bring down the brand new Chief of Police, Gary Eugene, both of whom happen to be Haitian. Continue reading


Frantzie Watch: You won’t believe what he’s done now!

Just when you think the Sporkweasel of NMB couldn’t get any more buffoonish, he beclowns himself.


On January 25, 2017, North Miami Beach Faux Commissioncritter Frantz Pierre, who was “re-elected” by absentee ballot voter fraud, filed a lawsuit in federal court against the City of North Miami Beach, Deputy City Manager Mac Serda and City Attorney Jose Smith.

His claim?

That his civil rights were violated.

Did you recover from your gut-busting fit of laughter yet?

Well, put down that coffee cup, ‘cuz it gets even funnier. Continue reading


The Geller Brothers Legacy of Corruption

The unethical and outright corrupt ways of Shady Lawyer/State Representative Joseph S. Geller have been well documented here in Voters Opinion.

In addition to his penchant for employing sleazy legal tactics when representing fellow dirtbags like Phyllis Smith, Frantz Pierre, and Jason Bloch, he regularly abuses his position in the Florida House… where he still hasn’t figured out how to vote properly.

Even worse, after royally screwing up as the legal counsel for the municipalities of El Portal, Miami Lakes and Opa-locka, Geller teamed up with Shady Boy-Lobbyist Evan Ross in an attempted stealth power grab in North Miami during its search for a new city attorney. Continue reading


Michael Etienne, World Traveler (Courtesy of North Miami taxpayers, of course.) (UPDATED)

North Miami City Clerk Michael Etienne has a sweet gig.

Not only does he make $36,000.00 per year, but he also has a generous yearly allowance for travel ($5,000.00), car ($9,000.00), cell phone ($1,200.00), and a miscellaneous expense account ($3,600.00).

In addition, he also receives medical, dental, life and disability insurance coverage costing at least $10,000.00 per year.  (*UPDATED BELOW)

All courtesy of North Miami taxpayers.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the median income for an entire household (up to four persons) in the United States is $54,462.00 per year.  Those ordinary folks don’t have expense allowances or free insurance, either.

With a total salary and benefits package worth nearly $65,000.00, little wonder Michael is so desperate to keep his part time job.

All he has to do to keep the river of cash (and perks) flowing is run for re-election every four years. Continue reading


We got a winner!

Remember that time when North Miami Beach police attempted to serve Elton L. Bandoo with a search warrant only to be met with gunfire?

Unfortunately, Officer Lino Diaz was shot.

Bandoo’s “defense” was that he thought his house was being robbed.

By police officers wearing green tactical uniforms marked with the word “POLICE.”

And who knocked on the door while loudly announcing, “POLICE!”

Yeah, the judge didn’t buy it, either. Continue reading


And another one down! Opa-locka official does the perp walk.

perp-walkLast month, an Opa-locka commissioner lost his seat on the dais.

This month, he lost his freedom.


In Opa-locka politician is latest to surrender in city’s bribery scandal,  the Miami Herald reported that now-former Commissioner Luis Santiago “surrendered on a bribery charge Friday, making him the fourth defendant to be prosecuted in the widening probe” of the ongoing federal investigation. Continue reading


2016 … is it over yet?

excitementWe started out the year with high hopes, only to watch most of them crash and burn.  There were a few good moments, though.

Like the time North Miami finally  got rid of Chief Lenny.

We had serious doubts that North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess would ever face any consequences at all from his disastrous missteps as the head of the department.  In the end he did himself in.  After two years of running the department into the ground, Chief Lenny’s NMPD FAILED its Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation assessment.  Although he tried to worm his way out of admitting the truth, this was his last screw-up.

On May 2, 2016, he finally “resigned,” claiming he wanted to spend more time with his wife, who was retiring.  As usual, Chief Lenny lied.

Later that month he took a job as Assistant Police Chief of the Miramar Police Department.  We wished him well.

Okay, not really. Continue reading

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