Start popping the corn! NMPD Chief Gary Eugene files in US District Court

It’s official!

Ousted North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene filed his civil rights lawsuit against his now former employer in the U.S. District Court on Thursday, July 6, 2017.

As you can imagine, this is a very big deal.

Not only did Chief Eugene name the City as a defendant, but he is also suing City Manager Larry Spring and Councilman Scott Galvin … personally.

And yeah, it’s definitely personal. Continue reading


BREAKING: Solē Mia Shady Boy-Lobbyist Evan Ross in hot water over Facebook death threats!

The registered lobbyist for the City of North Miami’s signature development, Solē Mia, has finally made international buzz for … threatening to kill two people.

This certainly doesn’t bode well for one of the honorees of Forbes Magazine’s 2017 World’s Billionaire’s ListRichard LeFrak, whose family empire is the developer of Solē Mia.

Quite the opposite, in fact.  The optics are terrible.

The Miami New Times must-read article, WikiLeaks Hits Miami Democratic Operative for Saying He’d Kill Snowden, Assange,  reported that Evan Ross has incurred the wrath of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange “because someone sent the Australian computer programmer Facebook screencaps of Ross threatening to kill Assange and whistleblower Edward Snowden.” Continue reading


NMPD Commander Hollant: Suitable for Framing (UPDATED)

As inexplicable as last summer’s shooting of an unarmed black man by North Miami Police Officer Jonathan Aledda was, the ensuing Internal Affairs investigation of Commander Emile Hollant is even more mind-blowing.

While the shooter was relieved of duty with pay,  the Commander was falsely accused of lying to investigators about his involvement in the incident, and immediately suspended without pay.  While Hollant’s pay was eventually restored, he has yet been allowed to return to duty.

Meanwhile, the NMPD’s IA division opened its ridiculous investigation after Assistant Chief Larry Juriga and the now retired Major Trevor Shinn told Chief Gary Eugene that Hollant claimed he wasn’t even at the scene of the shooting.  They also said that Aledda fired his weapon on Hollant’s command.

Although both of those allegations were complete fiction, once they were made they set in motion a series of events that have since destroyed the careers and reputations of two law dedicated enforcement officers.

Make no mistake, it was all by design. Continue reading


North Miami: Another day, another lawsuit

Just in time for tonight’s City Council meeting, WSVN’s Rosh Lowe broke the news at 11:00 this morning.

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Hackable Me

A couple weeks ago, a reader called to alert me that he was automatically redirected to another website when he posted a comment on one of our blogs.

Fortunately, his comment was posted.

Unfortunately, we realized we had a slight problem on our hands.

Within minutes, the Webmaster unmasked the owners of the website.  We tracked them to both North Miami and Wellington, Florida.

We immediately consulted our trademark lawyers to discuss the course of action we should take. Continue reading


North Miami City Officials: Let’s Shoot all the Messengers!


Just WOW!

What a performance!

North Miami City Manager Larry Spring, Assistant Chief Larry Juriga and City Attorney Jeff Cazeau deserve a standing ovation for the Dog & Pony Show they put on last night at the Griffing Community Center.

Let’s all give them all a great big round of applause!

When VotersOpinion broke the story that city officials were hiding documents provided to us by Police Chief Gary Eugene, and the press started snooping around, Larry, Larry and Jeff had to quickly cover their asses.

So they scrambled at last night’s Community Council Forum to explain themselves.

Because transparency.

Or something.

Unfortunately for the city’s residents, the only “transparent” message given last night was that North Miami is even more corrupt than anyone imagined. Continue reading


Message from Gerthy Eugene, daughter of NMPD Chief Gary Eugene

Gerthy Eugene

June 19, 2017

Many of you will see an article in the upcoming days about the City of North Miami Police Department asking for my father – Gary Eugene’s resignation as Police Chief for The NMPD. (Yes you read that right!) Many of you will hesitate on posting the article as to not offend me or my family but, NO! This conversation needs to happen! This is bigger than the Eugene family. This is an issue of dirty politics, flaws of the judicial system, and ethnic discrimination. This is a call of action to make sure when someone is trying to tell the TRUTH they are not punished for doing just that. Continue reading


NMPD: The fix is in, the Chief gets canned, the media gets lied to!

By now everyone has heard that North Miami Chief of Police Gary Eugene has been handed his walking papers.


Although city officials are not releasing the details of the separation agreement they proffered, Mr. Eugene was kind enough to give me an interview.

Among the terms of the proposed settlement is a monetary payment equal to approximately six weeks’ worth of his salary, or a paltry $12,000.00.

If that’s not crazy enough, they expect him to sign a confidentiality agreement.

HUH? Continue reading


INFURIATING! From North Miami to North Miami Beach, the lies, cover-ups and corruption never ends!

Just in case you think the North Miami Police Department is the only local government agency rife with corruption, you can rest assured that the City of North Miami Beach also has its fair share.

As we reported last month, North Miami Beach Faux Commissioner Phyllis Smith “stipulated to” election fraud charges stemming from her 2015 run for re-election.  Had Phyllis not opted to simply pay a fine to negotiate a settlement to make the charges go away, the Florida Elections Commission would have had the power to review all the campaign records she’s been desperately trying to hide.

You will recall that her opponent, Michael Joseph, filed a lawsuit on June 2, 2015 contesting the election based on evidence collected that Phyllis committed absentee ballot voter fraud.  Since then, she and her shady lawyer, Joe Geller, have been successful in stalling the proceedings indefinitely. Continue reading


NMPD: The fox guarding the henhouse

Taking advantage of the fact that North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene has been on medical leave for the past couple of weeks, “Acting Chief” Larry Juriga rushed through the Internal Affairs investigation of Commander Emile Hollant regarding last year’s shooting by Officer Jonathan Aledda.

In a sneaky move, Juriga had closed out the investigation in Eugene’s absence, and is now attempting to have Commander Hollant fired.

The Miami New Times nailed it in its just published North Miami’s Acting Chief Tries to Fire Cop He was Accused of Framing in Kinsey Shooting.

Reporter Jerry Ianelli wrote: Continue reading

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