Clueless in North Miami: Mayoral candidate’s email blast sends heads to desks!

North Miami mayoral candidate Hector Medina sent out a bitchin’ email this morning at 8:18 AM in order “to protest most energetically Mayor Smith’s inappropriate use of city resources for electoral purposes.”

As opposed to “most lethargically” perhaps?

In his email, Mr. Medina complained that the Mayor’s sponsorship of the city’s annual Farm Share food giveaway “is being misrepresented by the city as a philanthropic act on the Mayor’s part, undoubtedly to garner votes for him.”

Medina further ranted that “this is nothing but a covert act of political patronage, and an abuse of office.”

He even went so far as to demand “that all reference to Smith Joseph as the benefactor, and champion of the needy, be removed from all city venues. Furthermore, this event should be postponed until after the elections.”

Oh, dear. Continue reading


North Miami Elections: The candidates, the issues, and the all-important VotersOpinion endorsements.

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since the last North Miami city council election.

In 2015, Mayor Smith Joseph defended his seat for about five minutes against Jean Marcellus, who was summarily disqualified for paying his qualification fee with a bad check, City Clerk Michael Etienne beat his challenger, Janet Reed, by using dirty tricks to oust her from the race, Councilman Alix Desulme handily beat his opponent, the carpetbagging fake teacher (and PBA endorsed) Carline Paul, and Councilman Scott Galvin was re-elected because no one had the cojones to run against him.

Good times!

On April 6, 2017, the Miami Herald reported that there are a total of nine candidates running in the upcoming election scheduled for on May 9, 2017. Continue reading


Give it up already, Biscayne Park. Game over!

The Village of Biscayne Park is a bush-league town encompassing slightly more than a half square mile of real estate.  It would be easy to ignore this minuscule municipality if it could only stay out of trouble.

The Village first got on our radar almost four years ago when then-Commissioner Bryan Cooper, a/k/a the Village Idiot, sponsored a resolution in an attempt to interfere with a rezoning issue in North Miami Beach.

The Foibles of Commissioner Cooper were already well documented by the Village blogger (and now-former Commissioner), Fred Jonas, whose own pompous ass-hattery got him voted out after one term. Continue reading


FUBAR in Biscayne Park (SURPRISE! A North Miami connection!)

Last night Channel 7 reported an incident in which a Biscayne Park Police Officer responded to a call involving domestic violence, which resulted in his repeatedly striking the mentally ill subject, Shawna Yuen, and giving her a black eye.  Reporter Rosh Lowe noted that “one of their police officers repeatedly struck a woman suffering from schizophrenia after she grabbed him by his private parts.”

Ms. Yuen’s mother called the police when her daughter threw something at her during a fight.  Channel 7 reported, “According to a Biscayne Park Police report, the male officer arrived alone. Shawna ran from the home, and at that point, the mother told the officer, ‘Her daughter suffered from schizophrenia and sometimes refuses to take her medication,’ the police report said.”

When the officer approached Shawna in a tool shed, she allegedly grabbed him by the testicles, after which he “struck the defendant several times in the face area.”

She was eventually was booked by Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation. Continue reading


PBA Prez John Rivera steps in a pile. Then puts his foot in his mouth for good measure.

Dade County Police Benevolent Association President John Rivera was never known for his tact, subtlety, or diplomacy.  Apparently, nothing’s changed.

In a knee-jerk response to the arrest of North Miami Police Officer Jonathan Alleda, Rivera managed to insult both North Miami City Manager Larry Spring and State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, risk pissing off the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, left-wingers, right-wingers (and everyone in between), and dump on “media folks looking for ratings” and “a public whose wavering support changes with the wind.”

All in one fell swoop.

Believe me, that’s no mean feat. Continue reading


NMPD: Reversing its culture of corruption

Much has been written in recent years about police culture. defines this term as “a type of organizational culture that contains unwritten roles and social codes that dictate the way that a person within the culture will function, as well as building a strong sense of solidarity among the group and a will to conform. Police culture deals specifically with the behavior of officers within the force.”

Government officials are understandably concerned when a police department’s members display a propensity toward excessive use of force.  In order to resolve this problem, the Harvard Business Review suggests “introducing community policing; training officers in de-escalation skills and the use of non-lethal tactics; increasing the diversity of departments; improving data collection and public transparency; and enhancing the screening of police recruits.”

Police brutality, however, is only one symptom of a dysfunctional police culture within a department.  With very few exceptions, the North Miami Police Department has not been plagued by incidents of police brutality, but its culture has certainly been tainted for decades by the existence of the self-titled “Illuminati.”  The indisputable leader of the NMPD’s “Illuminati” is Assistant Chief Larry Juriga. Continue reading


NMPD Internal Affairs … What could possibly go wrong?

Now that charges have been filed against North Miami Police Officer Jonathan Aledda, who shot Charles Kinsey last summer, he’s no longer the department’s problem child.

The city, however, will still have to contend with the legal and financial fallout due to his “culpable negligence,” and the department’s negligence for hiring him in the first place.  City Attorney Jeff Cazeau and his staff certainly have their work cut out for them.

But for the most part, the protests and media circus that have plagued City Hall for months will soon die down.

Unless, of course, the “Illuminati’s” plot to bring down the department’s first Haitian commander succeeds. Continue reading

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