Lauderdale Lakes: Land of gas stations, talky women and … Kelvin Baker?

So you're telling meFresh from his resignation as City Manager of Opa-locka, Kelvin Baker has applied for a job in the equally dysfunctional City of Lauderdale Lakes.

The tiny 3.64 square mile parcel (including its half square mile of “lakes”), nestled between I-95 and State Road 7, has had its share of troubles.

In 2011, the city teetered on the edge of financial destruction when the then-City Manager Anita Fain Taylor got fired after commissioners discovered a $9 million budget deficit due to an unpaid bill from the Broward Sheriff’s Office for police service.

Prior to her job at Lauderdale Lakes, Taylor worked a short stint in North Miami Beach and a gig as Deputy City Manager of North Miami.  When she applied to Lauderdale Lakes in 2003, she “was chosen for the job in part for her strong people skills,” according to the Sun-Sentinel, which also reported that Taylor became “the first African-American woman to become a city manager in county history.” Continue reading

Frantzie Watch: Enough is finally ENOUGH!

politiciansWhile no one has seen fit to Baker Act North Miami Beach Councilcritter Frantz Pierre just yet, you’ll be happy to know that he’s not getting away with his insane lies and false accusations against the Mayor, his colleagues or city employees any longer.

Of course, nothing will stop him from lying to the world at large and to anyone who listens to Haitian radio.

Because that’s what pathological liars do.  They lie.

When a sociopath like Frantz Pierre cheats his way into office, he can pull the wool over the eyes of uninformed citizens who naively believe that if a politician says it, it must be true.

Long time Frantzie Watchers, however, already know that his warped sense of reality is just a figment of his delusional imagination. Continue reading

#DirtyPolitician Mark Weithorn is at it again!

Building a Better FutureThings are heating up on the campaign trail in Miami Beach, and #DirtyPolitician Mark Weithorn is even more desperate to discredit the competition.

He may try to deny it, but the money trail suggests that Weithorn is behind an email blast campaign attacking several candidates for the upcoming Miami Beach City Commission election, including his strongest opponent, Ricky Arriola.

The disclaimer on these emails state, “Pd. Electioneering. Adv. by Save Miami Beach, 16610 SW 82nd Court, Miami, FL 33157.”

The residential property located at this address is owned by Stephen M. and Rita Cody.

Here’s where it gets really interesting!

For one thing, there is no Electioneering Communications Organization called “Save Miami Beach.”  This is a BOGUS ORGANIZATION, which filed as a “political committee” with the City of Miami Beach, but not with the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections. Continue reading

“Should I stay or should I go?”

I must goFor weeks, rumors have been swirling that North Miami City Manager Aleem Ghany is headed for what he hopes are greener pastures, and that he could be gone as early as September 30, 2015.

The word on the street is that he took a position with LeFrak Organization Inc., a company based in New York, but now the co-developer of the New and Improved Former Landfill formerly known as Biscayne Landing.

The new venture, now known as SoLē Mia, is described on its website as “a masterfully planned outdoor shopping, dining and residential haven unlike anyplace in South Florida.”

If Aleem is actually taking a position with the company that entered into a development contract with the City of North Miami, and given the official seal of approval by his five bosses on the council, the big questions on everyone’s mind are: Continue reading

One man’s trash… Oh, wait! It’s not his trash!

Photo: Miami Herald

Photo: Miami Herald

North Miami resident and teacher Ossie Randle has a problem.  It seems that trash keeps piling up on the streets of his residential neighborhood, he surmises from passing cars, and complaints to the city have fallen on deaf ears.

The Miami Herald reported in On a trash tour: Litter prompts North Miami man to take action that Mr. Randle has taken it upon himself to pick up the trash by himself on a weekly basis. Continue reading

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