The Kissel Chronicles: NMPD’s Disappearing Public Records (and other fun facts to know and tell)

In case you missed this Miami Herald story, Martin County commissioner arrested as part of widening public records scandal,  the opening paragraph serves as a reminder that the cover-up is usually worse than the crime.

“In a move that should send a chill down the spines of thousands of elected officials in Florida, former Martin County Commissioner Anne Scott, a retired judge originally from Chicago, and current Commissioner Ed Fielding were booked Tuesday night into the county jail after being indicted in a public records scandal that already cost taxpayers upward of $25 million.”

The two city officials, ages 69 and 73, respectively, are facing potential jail time of up to a year for “failure to permit inspection and copying of public records.”

This ongoing scandal has already cost Martin County taxpayers $500,000.00 in a civil lawsuit.  The county will also potentially cough up $25 million to settle another.

The two public employees who messed with public records are most likely less concerned with the spending of public funds than they are with spending twelve months in the hoosegow.

Public officials over in North Miami, however, may have missed the memo that public records belong to the public. Continue reading


NMPD Sgt. McNally’s complaint, Jeff Cazeau’s BOOM!, North Miami’s quandary.

Timing is everything

We find it curious indeed that Sergeant Patrick McNally filed his Charge of Discrimination with the Florida Commission on Human Rights and EEOC on August 22, 2016.

McNally, who is white, complained that he was passed over for promotion to commander in favor of a Haitian, a Hispanic and an African-American.  He alleged that the three other Sergeants, Emile Hollant, Rafael Estrugo and Angelo Brinson, were chosen over him because the “police department has a history of discrimination against whites in promotions.”  He also claimed that “none of the positions were posted.”

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#NMPDsoWhite (but, apparently, not white enough for some)

We’re not sure what was on North Miami Police Sergeant Patrick McNally’s mind when he filed his discrimination lawsuit last week (as reported by the Miami New Times) claiming he wasn’t promoted because he’s white, but we’re betting he didn’t quite think it all the way through.

In what can only be described as a Hold My Beer Moment, this white dude just picked a fight with two Haitians, two African Americans and a Hispanic in a bar where he’s outnumbered by something like 88% of the population.

As evidence of discrimination, McNally bases his entire complaint on two allegations.

His first “smoking gun” is that former Police Chief Gary Eugene, “a Haitian-born acting police chief,” “stated in a YouTube interview prior to the promotions that he wanted his police department to ‘mirror my community,’ which is Hiatian, African-American and Hispanic.”

If McNally was hoping to get sympathy from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, he was sadly mistaken. Continue reading


The conspiracy to frame NMPD Commander Hollant: Who wins, who loses, who gets promoted?

Larry Juriga always wanted to be a cop.  After all, his daddy was a cop.  His uncle was a cop.  And besides, he couldn’t cut it on the gridiron.  Or pretty much anywhere else.  So the dumb jock quit Parks & Rec, put away his football helmet, and joined the NMPD family business where he could still tackle someone to the ground every once in a while.

It didn’t take long for Larry Juriga’s white privilege, not to mention his family name, to allow him to rapidly move up the food chain at the North Miami Police Department.  He was appointed as Assistant Chief after only 16 years as a cop, but then hit the proverbial glass ceiling.  Since he was so used to having undeserved promotions being handed to him, and even though he wasn’t even remotely qualified for the position (after all, he failed his Lieutenant’s exam, but was promoted anyway), he actually believed he was entitled to be the Chief of Police.

After five years as Assistant Chief, a frustrated Juriga decided it was time for drastic measures.  On July 6, 2015, he filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, hilariously claiming that he has been “marginalized” for being white.  Juriga whined to the EEOC that he had been twice been “passed over” for promotion to chief in favor of a “black assistant chief” (Stephen Johnson), and then a second time by a “Haitian-American” (Marc Elias).

When the incompetent Leonard “Chief Lenny” Burgess was forced to resign in 2016, Larry Juriga believed the Holy Grail was finally within his reach.  He had to be positively furious when, two months later, he watched the appointment and swearing in of yet another Haitian-American as Chief of Police, Gary Eugene. Continue reading


Insanity in North Miami: NMPD Commander Hollant fired by same cop who framed him

As is typical of the corruption in the North Miami Police Department, Commander Emile Hollant was fired earlier this evening by Assistant Chief Larry Juriga, who lied about Hollant’s involvement in the police involved shooting of an unarmed black man last summer.

Despite the fact that Commander Hollant was cleared three times by the Miami State Attorney’s Office, Juriga, who is desperately politicking to become the chief of the most corrupt police department in Miami-Dade County, and who framed Hollant in the first place, summoned Hollant to his office earlier this evening to advise him he was fired. Continue reading


Frantzie Watch: The Devil is in the Details

In his pursuit of getting rich off taxpayer money justice, the fraudulently “re-elected” NMB Commissioncritter Frantz Pierre has hit another brick wall.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

On January 25, 2017, he filed a discrimination lawsuit against the City of North Miami Beach, Deputy City Manager Mac Serda and City Attorney Jose Smith, claiming … wait for it … his civil rights were violated.

Yeah, we’re still giggling. Continue reading


NMB: The corrupt and fraudulently “elected” Phyllis Smith steals taxpayer money; blatantly ignores public records request.

If North Miami Beach residents are embarrassed that their always inappropriate, and fraudulently re-elected, “commissioner” Phyllis Smith represents them on the dais, they should be positively mortified that she was the face of North Miami Beach in Monaco last March.

Just imagine the crème de la crème of Europe gentility,  cringing in horror while watching Phyllis stuffing food into her mouth and shoving leftovers into her oversized handbag as if it were her last meal on earth.

Imagine how His Serene Highness Prince Albert II  suffered in polite silence every time Phyllis held him hostage by her nonsensical bloviating as he searched desperately for the nearest escape route.

Oh, the horror! Continue reading


NMPD: And the hits just keep on comin’ (UPDATED: Haitian Creole and Spanish translations posted)

North Miami Assistant Police Chief Larry Juriga thought he was so clever when he conspired with his cronies to frame Commander Emile Hollant for the shooting of Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black man with his hands up.

City Manager Larry Spring thought he was so clever when, in an overzealous rush to judgment, he decided to announce at a press conference that he suspended Commander Hollant without pay before learning all the facts at his disposal.

Councilman Scott Galvin thought he was so clever when he hogged the microphone at that presser to publicly chastise the Commander, claiming he “totally violated his trust from the public to protect and serve,” and then told a Channel 10 reporter that Hollant didn’t deserve an apology even though he was cleared of all wrongdoing by the State Attorney’s Office. Continue reading


Who will be NMPD’s Chief? It’s anyone’s guess, but the survey says…

North Miami residents, we know you’ve been on the edge of your seats waiting for the results of our survey question:  Which candidate is your choice for Chief of Police?

As promised, here are the names of the ten mystery candidates that we chose to include in our survey.

We invite you to click each one to read their individual applications. Continue reading

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