Round One: North Miami 1, Biscayne Park 0. Game on!

Round OneIn one of my previous posts about Biscayne Park, a certain Village Idiot accused North Miami Councilwoman Carol Keys of being on a “rogue mission” to derail (no pun intended, of course) the village’s application for annexation.

Aside from the fact that Ms. Keys announced at the County Commission meeting that she was speaking as a resident of North Miami and not in her official capacity as a Councilwoman, she also has the responsibility to represent the best interests of her constituents.  That hardly qualifies her as going “rogue.” Continue reading


Biscayne Park: “Build that wall!” (But, shhh! Just don’t tell anyone.)

we value transparencyAaaah, transparency!

Gotta love it!

Despite the fact that there is a very public record filed among the gazillions of public records of Miami-Dade County, in the Land of Oz Village of Biscayne Park, public records are just figments of my imagination.

And bloggers who dare speak the truth get immediately attacked by the Keepers of the Gate.

Or, in this particular instance, the Wall. Continue reading


Fire Judge Jason Bloch!

Election 2016Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Judge Jason Bloch seems to make one questionable ruling after another, and especially in two high profile cases in North Miami Beach.

In March of this year, he granted bail to Deandre Edwin Charles, the alleged  vicious murderer of Rabbi Joseph Raskin, ruling “that prosecutors failed to provide enough evidence to keep Charles behind bars before trial.”

This was despite the fact that a “16-month investigation, in which homicide detectives went through cellphone records, tested evidence for DNA and relied on a sketch drawn by a neighbor who saw the gunman running from the scene, followed this tragedy,” according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Police finally arrested the 15-year old last December after a grand jury indicted him for murder. Continue reading


Hey, Chief Lenny. Hate to say “I told you so,” but … Okay, not really.

I told you so2Well this is interesting.

I opined in a blog post yesterday that Monday’s police involved shooting in North Miami might have something to do with the fact that the NMPD recently failed its accreditation assessment while former Chief of Police Leonard Burgess was still at the helm.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only person who picked up on that “coincidence.”

Miami New Times reporter Tim Elfrink posted an article today, Two Months Before Charles Kinsey Shooting, Chief Resigned and North Miami Police Failed State Test,  also connected those same dots. Continue reading


The bitch slap heard ’round the county!

bitch slapTuesday’s meeting of the Miami-Dade County Commission meeting was big fun.  On the Agenda was a resolution relating to the annexation of property by the Village of Biscayne Park.  This property abuts the Florida East Coast Railway to the east of Biscayne Park, but is directly adjacent to North Miami’s southern border.  This resolution was sponsored by Commissioner Sally Heyman.

It’s no secret that Heyman never cared much for the City of North Miami.  The vast majority of the city is represented by Commission Chairman Jean Monestime’s District 2.  Only a tiny fraction of North Miami is in Sally Heyman’s District 4.  She represents the section east of Biscayne Boulevard, including Keystone Point and Sans Souci. Continue reading


FUBAR in North Miami

We'll do it liveThe City of North Miami is having an NMBPD Mugshot Moment.  Only this time it appears that instead of a piece of paper, a real human was the target.

In a story that has gone internationally viral to absolutely no one’s surprise, a North Miami Police Officer shot an unarmed black man who, unlike Michael Brown, actually had his hands up when he was shot anyway.

In a press conference held this morning at 11:30 am, newly appointed North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene made a statement, advising the media that in order to insure impartiality, he turned the entire investigation over to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  The Chief made it clear that he and his new team are committed to transparency and that moving forward any and all future police involved shootings will continue to be turned over to the FDLE.

Unfortunately, it appears that in the North Miami Police Department, there are still inmates running the asylum. Continue reading


Daphne Campbell: Unbalanced, unhinged and unfit for duty.

Princess DaphneMention the name Daphne Campbell to any public official in Miami-Dade County, and the first words you’ll hear are, “That woman is bat shit crazy.”

People tolerate Daphne (the same way they tolerate North Miami Beach Faux Councilwoman Phyllis Smith) solely out of respect for the political office she holds, but certainly not for the politician herself.

Far too many have told me they avoid Daphne Campbell like the plague.  When they inadvertently find themselves in her presence, they smile through gritted teeth while they politely try to get the hell away from her.

While it’s true that Phyllis Smith may be the most irritating politician in South Florida, one who is completely self-unaware that she’s the laughing stock of the county, for the most part, she’s harmless.

Daphne Campbell, on the other hand, is flat out insane.

And, according to some, very dangerous. Continue reading

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