From bribery to bullying, “trust fund baby” Andrew Korge wants to win, DAMMIT!

Can you say trust fundMove over Philip Brutus.  When it comes to bullying, you have some stiff competition!

Andrew Korge has been contemplating a run for office since last year.  On June 23, 2016, the Miami Herald noted, “Since March 2015, Andrew Korge has filed to run in one state Senate race, mulled a congressional bid, changed to a second state Senate race and then, on Wednesday, qualified for the August primary ballot in a third.”

Korge finally settled on State Senate District 40 to run against Dwight Bullard and Ana Rivas Logan in the Democratic primary.  He then immediately tried to knock his opponents out of the race. Continue reading


What’s worse than campaign finance violations? THIS!

Photo: Jewish Telegraphic Agency Florida State Sen. Dwight Bullard, wearing a Palestinian kaffiyeh, or headscarf, at the Democratic National Convention, July 2016. (Ben Sales)

Photo: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Florida State Sen. Dwight Bullard, wearing a Palestinian kaffiyeh, or headscarf, at the Democratic National Convention, July 2016. (Ben Sales)

Philip Brutus might have been fined eighteen times by the Florida Elections Commission since 1999 over the course of his political career, but that’s not even a record.

As the Miami Herald reported, State Senator Dwight Bullard, who is running for re-election, has been fined seven times during this year’s election cycle alone.

According to the article, Bullard has racked up $7,000.00 in fines so far and has yet to pay any of them. Continue reading


Philip J. Brutus, you’re so vain. I bet you think this blog is about you.

Opinion catFor some reason, my recent blog about the State Senate District 38 race hit quite a few nerves.

Not so surprising were the responses by people who disagreed with my “opinion.”

The irony is that this was not an “opinion piece,” per se, but merely an offering up of facts based on public records I dug up regarding the candidates and, as always, I provided links to those records.

Here’s the thing.

People are entitled to their opinions.

Heck, my cats have opinions, too. Continue reading


State Senate District 38: Only one candidate stands out in an otherwise crowded field of losers.

The choice is clearIn a perfect world, liars, cheaters and criminals would never run for office, much less win elections.  If voters were more concerned with ethical conduct than name recognition, we wouldn’t have so many corruptocrats with their hands in our pockets.

But, we do not live in a perfect world, and far too often voters are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Fortunately, the Democrats of State Senate District 38 will have the rare opportunity to finally elect someone in the August 30, 2016 primary with a completely spotless record as their representative in Tallahassee – Jason Pizzo. Continue reading


Breaking: NMPD Commander Hollant gets his paycheck! (Updated)

First paycheckIn a surprise announcement, as CBS Miami (as originally posted in the Miami Herald) reported this afternoon, the North Miami Police Commander who was suspended without pay for his alleged  role in the July 18, 2016 police involved shooting of Mr. Charles Kinsey, “the terms” of his suspension “have changed.”

After being suspended without pay for three weeks, Commander Emile Hollant is finally receiving a paycheck.

This sudden about-face occurred nine days after the State Attorney cleared him of all the criminal charges that he was falsely accused of by “police investigators and command staff members,” as noted in the SAO’s Close-Out Memo dated August 2, 2016.

As I’ve already reported, the State Attorney’s inquiry into allegations that Commander Hollant lied about his involvement was completely separate and apart from the FDLE investigation into the actual shooting. Continue reading


Biscayne Park Police Department: Forget NoMi! Background Checks “Я” US! (Really. Trust us!)

Protect and ServeThe Village of Biscayne Park really means business when they post signs that say “Don’t even think about speeding.”

Seriously, speeding in the Village could be more hazardous to your health than being shot at by an NMPD SWAT team member.  At least the SWAT members sometimes miss.

A newly discovered lawsuit entitled Dennis Rosario and Reinaldo Nieves, Plaintiffs vs. Village of Biscayne Park, City of Miami and George Miyares, Defendants., which was originally filed in the 11th Circuit Court of Miami Dade County one June 29, 2016, and referred to the United States District Court on July 6, 2016, involves a complaint against a Biscayne Park Police Officer who violated the civil rights of the Plaintiffs.

While out of his jurisdiction.

And who beat the crap out of one of them for no apparent reason. Continue reading


NMPD: Investigations for Dummies

Investigations For DummiesAs you might imagine, lots of folks are wondering why the press conference scheduled for earlier this afternoon by Michael Joseph, the attorney for North Miami Police Commander Emile Hollant, was postponed until further notice.

And, no, it had nothing to do with the weather.

Nor does it appear to have anything to do with the possible encore of yesterday’s protest in North Miami by activists demanding charges against North Miami Police Officer Jonathan Aledda, who shot Mr. Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black man with his hands up.

Here’s the thing.

Yesterday’s press release clearly stated that the postponement was “[d]ue to ongoing negotiations between the City of North Miami” and Mr. Joseph’s client. Continue reading

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