North Miami: Say “Yes” to MOCA, “No” to Charter School

yes noIn case you need one more argument against building a charter school in North Miami, look no further than the city’s own Middle School.

In case you need one more argument for keeping the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in North Miami, look no further than the city’s own Middle School.

The success of North Miami Middle School should be reason enough (more…)

Miami Herald: City arborist serves by tending the trees in North Miami Beach

City arborist serves by tending the trees in North Miami Beach

Drive the streets of North Miami Beach with the city arborist, Carlos Rivero and you’ll never look at a street median the same.In fact, some of those mature mahogany, oak and poinciana trees that shade Northeast 13th Avenue between 151st and 159th streets were once little seedlings in Rivero’s backyard.“I wanted to make these medians more of an asset and less of a forgotten space. (more…)

Way to go, Joe!


Photo: Crespogram Report

If you blinked, you missed it.

Within two hours – literally – the Miami Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust found probable cause against a public official and then dropped all charges.

Way to go, Joe!

Joe Centorino, that is.  The Executive Director of the COE.

Sometime after 2:00 this afternoon, the Miami Herald published an article (more…)

The Three Racketeers Ride Again

RICO ActOnly in Opa-locka can a lobbyist be charged with racketeering and unlawful compensation, stand trial for seven years, and then cop a plea, go from “convicted felon” to “community activist” in sixty seconds flat.

Yeah, I am exaggerating about the sixty seconds.  It was more like two months.  But in the scheme of things, it makes no difference to Opa-lockans that former lobbyist Dante Starks pled no contest to a total of six counts of conflict of interest (more…)

The Miami Herald’s Deathwatch continues, courtesy of Random Pixels

Photo: Random Pixels

Photo: Random Pixels

While I spent my Sunday morning trolling the internet LMAO, and the rest of the day on other self-absorbed, non-productive activities (and, yeah, it was nice to check out for a day), the more serious bloggers were busy churning out the serious stuff people want to read.

At least, the relatively few people who bother to care about things like competence, integrity, accountability and (more…)

Little Towns, Big Troubles

tiny townThe Town of Golden Beach is getting serious about drinking and driving, and has issued a press release today announcing that its “Police Department will be conducting a Multi-Agency DUI Sobriety Checkpoint.”

The news release cites the date (April 11, 2014) and even the location (399 Ocean Boulevard) where this checkpoint will be situated, thereby alerting drunk drivers to avoid the area.

The media has also been invited to provide (more…)

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