#HouseGenius. Oh, Joe. Say it isn’t so!

Photo: Trevor Bach, Broward/Palm Beach New Times

Photo: Trevor Bach, Broward/Palm Beach New Times

Attorney Joseph S. Geller wants to be the City Attorney for North Miami.

Florida State Representative Joseph S. Geller can’t even figure out how to vote on the House floor.

The Miami Herald Naked Politics reported that on Wednesday State Representative Joe Geller accidentally voted “yes” on the very bill he “railed against” the night before.

He also cast a “yes” vote for his seatmate, Orlando Democrat Randolph Bracy, on a bill that will allow open carry on college campuses.  The bill passed overwhelmingly in the House, but is expected to be voted down in the Senate.

According to the Miami Herald, casting a vote for another representative is “frowned upon” but  “allowed under House rules” as long as he has the other member’s “specific request and direction,” and as long as that member is present in the chamber during the vote.

Representatives have a nine second window in which to cast their votes.  Once the window closes, it’s a done deal. Continue reading


Frantzie Watch: Crime Pays, Part II

guilty catIn its investigation of Frantz Pierre and Marie Eleazard for conflict of interest violations, the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust finally caught up with Remus Caesar, the treasurer of the bogus “non-profit” organization known as Center for Family Empowerment, Inc. (CFEI).

Once he began testifying under oath – and the power of a subpoena – Remus Caesar revealed a wealth of information regarding certain expenditures by CFEI which appeared to be questionable.  Investigators were interested in twelve specific checks issued by the company.  Caesar provided the following explanations. Continue reading


Frantzie Watch: Crime Pays, Part I

crime pays kittehMost of us grow up believing that the righteous get rewarded and the bad guys get punished.  Our youthful idealism fades rather quickly as we’re confronted by the reality that bad things happen to good people, justice is not always served, and sometimes the devil really does walk among us.

The story you are about to read is true.  The names have not  been changed to protect the innocent.  The innocent need no protection, except perhaps from the guilty.

The real problem is that the guilty are protected by a political system that is so fraught with fraud and corruption, it’s a miracle that any lawbreaker is ever brought to justice.

You’ll probably recognize the cast of characters appearing in this bizarre and outrageous tale.  None of the names should come as a surprise.  This is South Florida, after all.  It’s Kathy Rundle’s world.  We only live in it. Continue reading


Chief Lenny’s LETF Checkbook

checkbookThe North Miami Chief of Police would like a $50,000.00 blank check in order to “promote positive police image.”

The North Miami cellphone store owner who was beaten to within an inch of his life during a robbery on January 11th, however, would prefer substance over style.

Going only by his first name, Ronnie “declined to show his face on camera,” but told WSVN Channel 7 that this was the second time his store has been robbed.  Pleading for more police presence, he said, “I would like to see a lot more cops over here in this plaza, just ’cause a lot of people got businesses here, and it happens a lot.”

Police presence seems to be a mere afterthought on Chief Lenny’s mind.

If he even thinks about it at all. Continue reading


Kelvin Baker’s Traveling Circus

Haters Gonna HateWhen the Mayor and Commissioners of Lauderdale Lakes rolled out the red carpet for Kelvin Baker on September 28th, he had two days to prepare a budget for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2015.

As City Manager, the first thing he did was make sure his total salary and benefits package of approximately $205k was included in the $35.2 million dollar budget, which was approved by the commission, no questions asked.

At Tuesday night’s commission meeting, the Mayor and Commission asked him to cut $2 million from the same budget they obviously forgot they voted for less than four months ago.

On a positive note, they also voted to increase the city’s fiscal year funding of the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative Contract by $35,556.24.

So there’s that. Continue reading


Balancing of the Equities

balancing catsConsidering that the Florida Legislature is still in session, and will be until March 11, 2016, I was surprised to learn on Monday that a hearing was held in the Michael Joseph v. Phyllis Smith case.  As I reported, Judge Samantha Ruiz Cohen ruled in favor of Michael Joseph by denying Phyllis Smith’s Motion to Dismiss.

Despite the fact that this lawsuit was filed on June 2, 2015 on an expedited basis, Smith’s lawyer, Joseph S. Geller, has been inordinately delaying the case by filing four Notices of Mandatory Continuances since then.  Amazingly, the Judge finally agreed to schedule a hearing.  On January 21, 2016, she signed an Order Granting Telephonic Appearance at Calendar Hearing in response to a Motion to Appeal Telephonically at Hearing filed by the City of North Miami Beach’s Canvassing Board Members.

Judge Cohen’s decision to finally move this case forward might have something to do with the fact that a precedent has already been set for a judge to vacate a mandatory continuance (or “automatic stay”), an all too common tactic employed by lawyer/politician types in an attempt to delay justice.

Continue reading


NMB BREAKING NEWS: Judge denies Phyllis Smith’s Motion to Dismiss!

Breaking newsIn a telephonic hearing today, Circuit Court Judge Samantha Ruiz Cohen DENIED Phyllis Smith’s Motion to Dismiss the absentee ballot fraud lawsuit filed by Michael Joseph.

The Motion to Dismiss filed by her lawyer, Joseph S. Geller on October 6, 2015, enabled Phyllis to avoid producing the requested documentation necessary to proceed with the case until the Court ruled on the Motion.  Now that the case is moving forward, the clock starts ticking. Continue reading


Politicians Lie. It’s what they do.

oh lookI know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating.

Politicians lie.  It’s what they do.

They lie to get in office.  They lie to stay in office.  They lie to protect their special interests.  They lie whenever it suits their agenda.

One of the many reasons that I vowed to never run for office is that I am a terrible liar.  I have found it’s so much easier to remember the truth than to keep track of a string of lies. Continue reading


North Miami City Manager: The Search, Part II

Job OpeningAlthough the Miami Herald reported that the North Miami Mayor and Council had until January 26, 2016 to each submit their four choices for city manager, I was advised late last night that the deadline is today.

With thirty seven applications left to review, this didn’t give me as much time to research them as I would have liked.  However, I was able to pinpoint eight applicants who, in my opinion, are the “superstars.” Continue reading


North Miami City Manager: The Search, Part I

There were sixty two applications submitted for the position of City Manager for North Miami.  Nineteen of the applicants submitted letters and resumes, which you can view by clicking here and here.  Thirty seven of the candidates submitted their applications online, which you can view by clicking here.  I was advised that several individuals who applied after the December 31, 2015 deadline have been disqualified, which could be the reason the list has now been whittled down to 56 applicants.

At the last council meeting, the Mayor and Council decided that each of them will choose four names from the list and submit their choices at the January 26, 2015 council meeting.  What they do from there is anyone’s guess.  We’ll have to wait and see. Continue reading

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