Is it “Black Monday” yet?

black-mondayFootball is not a sport for whiners or crybabies.  Players must prove themselves worthy or they get cut from the team.  There are no participation trophies in the NFL.

Head coaches also have a job to do.  At the end of football season, if their teams don’t perform as expected, they can be given their walking papers as well.  On “Black Monday,” the day after the 17th Sunday of football season, the axes fall swiftly and mercilessly.

With so much at stake, professional football team owners have to be ruthless.  It’s all about the money, and football is big business.

The stakes, however, are much higher in the world of professional law enforcement. Continue reading

Chief Lenny’s Awkward Moment? (UPDATED)

karma 1We already know that North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess likes to curry political favor.

We also know he has a soft spot for a cop who has a soft spot for the ladies.

And, yes, it’s well known that Chief Lenny always tries to silence his critics and control the narrative.

Even when he’s caught red handed!

After all, it wasn’t his  fault the Chica was Rica.  Continue reading

Sign this bill!

post no billsOn the Agenda for tonight’s North Miami Beach Council meeting is Resolution No. R2015-20, which establishes “a comprehensive policy governing travel and expenditures for the Mayor and City Council.”

As we all know by now, certain current and former elected officials have been known to abuse the already flawed travel reimbursement policy now governing reimbursable  expenses.

The most famous violator is none other than Frantz Pierre, who billed taxpayers thousands of dollars for his trips to “Boston, Chicago, Baltimore and Washington DC.” for National  League of Cities events, soccer coach conventions and a presidential inauguration, and most recently, his trip to Haiti so he could learn all about Haitians. Continue reading


purrformantNorth Miami Beach Councilwoman Phyllis Smith, who is running for her life (time health insurance benefits), so she can plant her tushy-on-the-chair for four years longer than any other elected official, likes to make up words.

Her most recent gaffe on the dais was during the council meeting on April 7, 2015, when she coined the word “honorability.”

Anyone who isn’t alphabetically challenged can pick up the nearest dictionary and see that there is no such word.  That fact still doesn’t prevent Phyllis, the self-professed expert on whatever pops into her empty head at any given moment, from blurting out nonsense Continue reading

The Frantzie Phyllis Twins strike again!

TwinsAnyone who attended the North Miami Beach Charter Workshop on November 18, 2014 was treated to what can only be described as a Phyllis Classic Performance.

Or, PCP for short.

Phyllis pulled out all the stops.  The show had it all!

The Phyllisisms.  The posing and posturing.  Invented words.  Run-on sentences.  The ear-splitting squawk of a parrot on steroids.

Phyllis in all her bloviating glory.

While discussing the city’s charter, Phyllis Smith, one of the two the longest sitting members of the North Miami Beach City Council, had the chutzpah to loudly protest against a proposed charter amendment regarding term limits.  Continue reading

OMG! You won’t believe what Phyllis did NOW!

government-teatThe shock of not getting “free” taxpayer funded lifetime health insurance must have finally worn off.  North Miami Beach Councilwoman Phyllis Smith’s phony “acceptance” speech was just another fraud perpetrated by the Second Biggest Liar on the dais.

Frantz Pierre being THE biggest, of course.

Through her daughter Susie Smith, a/k/a “Laura Smith,” a/k/a twitter handle @SOSNMB, Continue reading

See Spot Run, Part 1: North Miami Beach

See spot runIn a little over two weeks, North Miami Beach voters will decide three races.

Despite criticism from members in the police and general employees unions, as well as a few residents, Mayor George Vallejo has not drawn an opponent for the May 5, 2015 election.

Any North Miami Beach citizen could have chosen to run for mayor.  No one did.

It certainly appears that the majority of his constituents are perfectly happy with what the Mayor has accomplished, and they have no desire to change course for the next four years.

If anyone has a complaint that George is running unopposed, Continue reading

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