North Miami: Still crazy after all these y̶e̶a̶r̶s̶ weeks.

No more wire hangersNow that the North Miami Beach election is over, I have plenty of time to keep tabs on my other favorite city.  Not surprisingly, things are still as crazy as ever in good ol’ North Miami.

As was possibly the case in North Miami Beach, there’s a pretty good chance that absentee ballot fraud may decide the outcome of North Miami’s District 4 race.  Nacivre “Charlie” Charles and the Queen of Corruption herself, Daphne Campbell, have been “campaigning” with Carpetbagger/Fake “Teacher” Carline Paul to make sure that people “vote correctly.”

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North Miami Beach post-election analysis, and Carnac’s predictions.

CarnacIf you’ve been paying attention, you already know that Phyllis Smith won the runoff election in North Miami Beach by 75 votes.

If you’re one of the 18,944 registered voters who stayed home instead of casting a ballot, you probably don’t know.

More importantly, you don’t care.

Although the small handful of people who do care work really hard to get the right people in office, it doesn’t seem to matter.  They simply cannot force an apathetic electorate to vote.

Scarier still is the fact that elections have become so downright nasty in North Miami Beach that almost no candidates of quality are willing to run for office.  Judging by the libelous and hateful campaign that Team Phyllis perpetrated against one of her opponents, Continue reading

The Incredible Two-Faced Phyllis Smith!

Two facedThe smell of desperation is in the air!

Phyllis Smith is out there at the polls today telling would be voters how she’s been stopping Big Bad Development from coming to North Miami Beach.

There’s only one problem.

Big Bad Public Records prove she’s a LIAR!

Let me remind y’all that Phyllis Smith voted FOR the comprehensive master plan intended to bring in more development! Continue reading

NMB: Last Chance to Lose Phyllis! (UPDATED)

parting giftsPhyllis Smith concocted an entirely fictional person in order to wage the worst type of smear campaign against one of her opponents.  “Laura Smith,” the fictional “Mother of 2, Business Owner and Concerned Resident of North Miami Beach (NMB),” was actually the collaborated creation of Councilwoman Phyllis Smith’s daughter Susie, strip club lobbyist Mitchell Edelstein, self-proclaimed “Satanist” Randy Hilliard, and Miami Beach #DirtyPolitician Mark Weithorn.

The lies she spread worked since her opponent was knocked out of the first round.

It’s no coincidence that since the runoff campaign started you haven’t seen one negative mailer.  For one thing, Phyllis can’t find any dirt on Michael Joseph.  If there was something, no matter how minute, she would have used it. Continue reading

NMB: Mayor, Council and Community Leaders Endorse Candidate Michael Joseph for Group 3

Michael Joseph NMBIn North Miami Beach, Councilwoman Phyllis Smith is being challenged for her seat by Michael Joseph.  She recently sent out a mailer which included a long list of people whose endorsements she scared up.  Only a very small handful of those endorsements are from actual residents of North Miami Beach.

Her opponent, however, has earned the support and endorsement of the people who count:  His future colleagues and leaders in the community.  Continue reading

Chief Lenny’s Boys Will Be Boys Club

boys will be boysThree days after Michael Etienne successfully finagled his way to an unchallenged campaign by making sure his opponent Janet Reed didn’t qualify, he sent another one of his famous rah-rah emails to Police Chief Leonard Burgess to thank him for all his “help.”

Because that’s what bootlickers sycophants flunkies best friends do!

Despite the fact that he quoted a witness as saying “Michael Etienne clearly was in the wrong because he made the atmosphere appear hostile,” he qualified her “interpretation” by writing (and I quote), “The lady making this statement is no friend of mine and depict [sic] an inaccurate description of was transpired online; however, the excerpt above from her comment online is fairly accurate- except the part that I was in the wrong of course.”

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North Miami’s New “Transparency”

one jobWhen is a public record not a public record?

When it’s requested from North Miami City Clerk Michael A. Etienne, Esq.

After years of receiving complaints about the problems receiving public records from the Clerk’s Office, the City of North Miami now boasts on its website that it’s easier than ever to request public records.

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