Phyllis Smith goes postal, Tony DeFillipo saves the day!

Man of the YearWho can resist making fun of North Miami Beach Faux Councilwoman Phyllis Smith’s foot-in-mouth disease?  I mean, seriously.  Phyllis is a one-woman parody of, well, herself.

At a special meeting of the city council called for Thursday, August 25, 2016, however, she was anything but funny.  In fact, her erratic behavior that night proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Phyllis is not only a complete moron, but she appears to be seriously deranged.  I’m not joking.

For starters, that was the second time in as many months that Phyllis has stormed off the dais in a fit of anger.

You will remember that at the July 19, 2016 council meeting, the Mayor decided to change the seating arrangement on the dais.  Councilwoman Beth Spiegel was upset and had to leave.  But then Phyllis couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to grandstand, as usual and followed suit by storming out of the chambers.  Not to be outdone, her little friend and partner in crime, Frantz Pierre, also then seized that moment cause a ruckus and also walked out, leaving the meeting without a quorum.

Since no city council meeting can be held without a quorum of five members, and there was critical legislation that had to be passed as soon as possible, it was necessary for a special meeting to be called for the following Tuesday, July 26, 2016.  There was a quorum at that special meeting, but Phyllis still refused to move to her new assigned seat.

Phyllis Smith’s obsession with where she sits is nothing new. Continue reading


Joe Geller’s Epic Fail

Bye FeliciaIn response to Circuit Court Judge Jason Bloch’s lame attempt to kick his opponent off the ballot, it appears that Judge Jerald Bagley laughed him and his lawyer Joe Geller out of the courtroom.

Now poor Jason Bloch will have to actually start campaigning instead of playing dirty tricks.

Oh, darn!

The Miami Herald reported in Lawsuit in Miami-Dade judicial race fails,  “Circuit Judge Jerald Bagley ruled that Bloch should have first complained to Florida’s ethics commission.  And Bagley agreed with [opponent Marcia] del Rey’s lawyer that kicking the candidate off the ballot ‘would disenfranchise the citizens of Miami-Dade County from voting for their candidate of choice.'”

In his frivolous lawsuit filed August 10, 2016, self-anointed Morality Policeman Joseph S. Geller “suggested but offered no evidence to prove, that her family was profiting off ‘highly questionable activities such as prostitution and human trafficking,” because the Del Ray family owns “a chain of hotels in Miami that cater to the sexually adventurous.”

What a stretch!

Then again, probably the most stretching he’s done in a while.

GellerBut I digress.

Even crazier, Joe Geller plans to appeal the ruling!

If that’s not arrogantly stupid enough, Geller also had the chutzpah to ask Judge Bagley “to shield the results of Tuesday’s election from the public while they appeal the ruling.”

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s when Judge Bagley showed Jason and Joe the door.

please don't let the doorknob“Request denied!”



Jason Bloch and Joe Geller team up in transparent attempt to rig an election. (Who didn’t see this coming?)

Disenfranchise all the votersMiami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jason Bloch is so afraid of losing his cushy appointed-not-elected seat on the bench, he tried to have his opponent, Marcia Del Rey, eliminated from the race.

Just a few weeks before Tuesday’s upcoming election, Jason Bloch filed a lawsuit on August 10, 2016 “asking Judge Jerald Bagley to enjoin Del Rey from running in Tuesday’s judicial election after she allegedly filed incomplete financial disclosures in May,” according to an article posted yesterday in the Daily Business Review.

Judge Jerald Bagley bitched slapped Bloch and his lawyer, Joseph S. Geller, the sleazy, breezy CoverBoy of politi-corruption in Miami-Dade County. Continue reading


North Miami: Adventures in Voting, Daphne Campbell Style!

Who do voodooEvery time I think things couldn’t possibly get weirder in North Miami, something happens to prove me wrong.

As everyone knows, we are right smack in the middle of a very heated campaign season.  Nowhere in South Florida is voting more “fun” than in North Miami.

From now until Sunday, early voting will be taking place at several polling places around Miami-Dade County, including the North Miami Public Library, where I’ve always suspected that a psycho magnet is buried beneath the foundation. Continue reading


Michael Góngora, #DirtyPolitician and Hypocrite of the Year!

Level of HypocrisyDoes anyone remember a #DirtyPolitician by the name of Mark Weithorn?

This is the putz who ran for his wife’s Miami Beach Commission seat last year against Ricky Arriola.  Throughout the campaign, Deede Weithorn accused her political enemies of soliciting money from city vendors for their political committees.

Meanwhile, her husband Mark was using his own hidden political committees to attack Arriola.  His sleazy tactics didn’t work.  Mark Weithorn lost spectacularly.

Former Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Góngora, who is now running for State Senate District 38, is apparently employing the same tricks from the #DirtyPolitician Playbook.

Not surprisingly, both of them have ties to the same political committees.

Even less shocking, both of them are hypocrites. Continue reading


BREAKING: Alien space bugs have eaten what was left of Phyllis Smith’s brain!

Sounds good to meEveryone’s talking about the hilarious new CBS television series called BrainDead.  The premise of the show is that all the political insanity in Washington is caused by “a race of extraterrestrial insects eating the brains of the politicians.”

Yes, it’s a comedy.  And, yes, it’s Hollywood.  But don’t be fooled.  What very few people know, other than the creators of this show, of course, is that these space bugs are very, very real.

Yes, folks.  I’m dead serious.

Just take a look at some of our local politicians.  Can you come up with any logical explanation for some of their insane behavior?

I mean, hellooo!  Does the name Daphne Campbell ring a bell? Continue reading


From bribery to bullying, “trust fund baby” Andrew Korge wants to win, DAMMIT!

Can you say trust fundMove over Philip Brutus.  When it comes to bullying, you have some stiff competition!

Andrew Korge has been contemplating a run for office since last year.  On June 23, 2016, the Miami Herald noted, “Since March 2015, Andrew Korge has filed to run in one state Senate race, mulled a congressional bid, changed to a second state Senate race and then, on Wednesday, qualified for the August primary ballot in a third.”

Korge finally settled on State Senate District 40 to run against Dwight Bullard and Ana Rivas Logan in the Democratic primary.  He then immediately tried to knock his opponents out of the race. Continue reading


What’s worse than campaign finance violations? THIS!

Photo: Jewish Telegraphic Agency Florida State Sen. Dwight Bullard, wearing a Palestinian kaffiyeh, or headscarf, at the Democratic National Convention, July 2016. (Ben Sales)

Photo: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Florida State Sen. Dwight Bullard, wearing a Palestinian kaffiyeh, or headscarf, at the Democratic National Convention, July 2016. (Ben Sales)

Philip Brutus might have been fined eighteen times by the Florida Elections Commission since 1999 over the course of his political career, but that’s not even a record.

As the Miami Herald reported, State Senator Dwight Bullard, who is running for re-election, has been fined seven times during this year’s election cycle alone.

According to the article, Bullard has racked up $7,000.00 in fines so far and has yet to pay any of them. Continue reading


Philip J. Brutus, you’re so vain. I bet you think this blog is about you.

Opinion catFor some reason, my recent blog about the State Senate District 38 race hit quite a few nerves.

Not so surprising were the responses by people who disagreed with my “opinion.”

The irony is that this was not an “opinion piece,” per se, but merely an offering up of facts based on public records I dug up regarding the candidates and, as always, I provided links to those records.

Here’s the thing.

People are entitled to their opinions.

Heck, my cats have opinions, too. Continue reading

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