Florida Politics: Business as usual.

TruckUp in Tallahassee on September 12, 2014, the Florida Commission on Ethics had a busy session dismissing complaints against allegedly dirty politicians, as reported in its Press Release yesterday.

In Wellington, a complaint was filed against Vice Mayor John Greene, claiming that “he solicited a gift from a lobbyist, failed to report prohibited gifts, traded council votes for those gifts, knew or should have known the gifts were given to influence his vote, misused his position with regard to the gifts and had a voting conflict when he voted in May and July 2012 on matters related to his special private gain or loss.”

According to the Palm Beach Post Blog, the complaint was denied “because the board couldn’t determine Continue reading

So you wanna be a politician?

Politicians are likePersonally, I’d rather have another root canal than run for public office.

You, on the other hand, might be one of those people who has this burning desire to kiss your personal life goodbye and open yourself up to scrutiny and criticism by a fickle public, who will love you one moment, turn on you the next, and think nothing of slicing, dicing and putting you under a microscope.

For sport.

If you’ve considered all the above consequences, and the idea of living in a fish tank still doesn’t turn you off, and you’re still hell bent on throwing your hat into the ring, Continue reading

“Miami-Dade power couple?” Wait, WHAT? (Updated)

RodeoClownsSpeaking of the rodeo, in an explosive article just published in the Miami Herald, Miami-Dade power couple lowers (their own) taxes, raises eyebrows, reporter Patricia Sagastume exhibited killer investigative skills not seen around these here parts since Nadege Green left NMB for greener pastures.

She had me at “Yeehaw!” Continue reading

Only in North Miami…

MadnessEven as the Miami Herald’s Fred Grimm was lamenting about the low voter turnout yesterday, he had to give North Miami credit for the lively crowd at the Sunkist Grove polling place.  He wrote:

“Nadege Green, my former Herald colleague now working over at WLRN Radio, reported yelling, bickering, admonishments and threats around a precinct in North Miami.

Once, that sort of election day behavior might have been regarded as unseemly. But in 2014, a precinct ruckus has become encouraging news. At least the voters there indicated that they were awake.”

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No surprises in North Miami

duck-and-dogThe first round of the North Miami Special Election is over.  In a city where we have come to expect the unexpected, the only surprise is that there were no surprises.

The usual fights broke out at the Sunkist Grove polling place.  WLRN reporter Nadege Green kept us up to date, as usual, via Twitter:

Then: Continue reading

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