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Photo: CW Griffin/Miami Herald

Photo: C.W. Griffin/Miami Herald

While Opa-locka’s current financial crisis was inevitable, Mayor “Lady” Myra Taylor‘s outburst at the November 12, 2015 commission meeting was a complete shocker.

In Mayor blasts manager in latest Opa-locka meltdown, the Miami Herald quoted some of her more incendiary remarks:

  • “I am the mayor of this city and I will get my respect.”
  • “The mayor is the only female on this dais. One would think her male counterparts would look out for her and protect her. It’s done in the animal kingdom, but not in here.”
  • “The word will get out that it took this white man to come in and straighten out black folks.”

Taylor uttered that last, and extremely racist, comment while chastising City Manager Steve Shiver for “leaking embarrassing information about the city’s budget woes to the media.” Continue reading


Chief Lenny: “The buck stops here. Ha ha, just kidding!”

passing-the-buckNearly a month after he first made the request verbally at the October 27, 2015 North Miami City Council meeting, Mr. James Garrett finally received his public records.

Well, sort of.

On November 18, 2015, I wrote about Mr. Garrett’s beef with the North Miami Police Department’s response to an emergency at his mother’s house on October 20, 2015.  He made the first 911 call at 12:32 pm, and a second call at 12:42 pm.  But it wasn’t until 35 minutes later, at 1:07 pm, that the police finally showed up.

Per his public records request, the City of North Miami sent Mr. Garrett an audio recording of his second call, but not the first.  Nor did they send him a copy of the police report, as he requested.

Here’s the thing. Continue reading


City Attorney decision: North Miami – 1, Lobbyists – 0

who's in your cornerDespite an impassioned plea by North Miami Councilwoman Carol Keys to hire Joseph S. Geller’s firm, Greenspoon Marder, as the City Attorney, the council voted no.  Instead they voted to hire North Miami resident Valria Screen.

Miami Herald reporter Lance Dixon live tweeted during the meeting, “She withdrew a similar motion at the Nov. 10 meeting due to a vocal lack of support from other council members.”

Why she tried again is anyone’s guess.

But, I’ll venture one anyway. Continue reading


Scrooge comes to Plantation, Florida

naughty listThe City of Plantation advertises itself as a place “where the grass is greener!”

I live right next door to Plantation, and I don’t notice that the grass is any greener there than in Davie, but whatever.

What I did notice tonight is that the Plantation Mayor and Council are doing their best to ruin Christmas for one family, not to mention the hundreds of people who are touched by this family’s generosity. Continue reading


Florida Elections Commission to Myron: “Talk to the Honey Badger!”

Sometimes I ask myselfWhen I received my latest notices of probable cause hearings from the Florida Elections Commission regarding the complaints I filed against Myron Rosner, I simply tossed them in the pile of other complaints and notices I’ve received over the years.  I figured that Myron’s lawyer, Benedict P. Kuehne, would somehow wave his Magic Delay Wand and wrangle yet another continuance from the agency beleaguered with hundreds of complaints every year from around the state.

Like so many other hearings that have come and gone since I filed those complaints in April of 2011, I fully expected this one to be pushed to February of next year or beyond.

Imagine my surprise when I checked the FEC website!  According to the minutes of the November 17, 2015 meeting, the Commission found PROBABLE CAUSE ON TEN, COUNT ‘EM, TEN COUNTS of violations of the Florida Statutes! Continue reading


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The 2015 VotersOpinion Turkey “Giveaway”

Turkey catIt’s that time of year when politicians beg, bribe and bully turkey “donations” from city vendors, local businesses, and even private citizens, for the purpose of magnanimously “gifting” future voters needy residents in the community with Thanksgiving dinners.

Out of the goodness of their hearts, of course.

Since I’m also feeling quite charitable this holiday season, I decided to host my own very special turkey “giveaway.” Continue reading


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Fundraiser for North Miami Beach Police Officer Nicole Mood (UPDATED)

Fundraiser for Officer Nicole MoodGood Day NMB Residents and Business Owners,

Please see the listed attached fundraiser event for our NMBPD Police Officer Nicole Mood who was injured in the line of duty. This event will take place on Monday November 23, 2015 between the hours of 11AM-4PM located at WINGSTOPS 1452 NE 163 ST. If you are unable to attend the event but would like to make a donation, please see the listed below information: Continue reading


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The Chief Lenny Dance: Blame it on the County!

Blame it on the boogieOn the morning of October 20, 2015, North Miami resident Minnie Sue Hendricks called her son James Garrett to discuss a situation regarding a home health care worker who had just arrived at her home.  The matter was resolved and they hung up.  A short while later, Mr. Garrett tried to call his mother back, but she didn’t answer the phone.

Since his mom had suffered a heart attack exactly one week earlier, naturally he was concerned.  He kept trying to call, but when he couldn’t reach her for almost two hours, Mr. Garrett left his meeting in Lauderhill and drove to North Miami to check on his mother.  When he arrived and knocked on the door, there was no response so he dialed 911 for assistance.

His first call was made at 12:32 pm.  James waited anxiously at her door for eleven minutes for the police or a fire rescue unit to arrive.  He was terrified, imagining that his mother might be injured or even dead on the bathroom floor.  At 12:42 pm, when no one showed up at the home, James called 911 for the second time. Continue reading


North Miami residents want “police to kick it into high gear!”

do you want some help with thatDespite Chief Leonard Burgess’ obvious attempt to stifle yet another North Miami violent crime, the news has finally hit the airwaves.

A family in the Keystone Point neighborhood of North Miami was terrorized by a group of armed, masked men, who roughed them up and robbed them blind.  The Miami New Times picked up the story late this afternoon after interviewing the victim, Naim Sedik, who only got the public’s attention after sending out an email yesterday to the detectives assigned to the case, with a copy to Chief Leonard Burgess.

Fortunately, he also emailed it to several of his neighbors, which is how I ended up with a copy.

The violent, armed robbery happened nearly two weeks ago, and as NBC Miami/Channel 6 reported earlier this evening, the family is upset that “police have not been letting them know what’s going on with the case, despite numerous calls and emails to the investigators.”

Reporter Willard Shepard also interviewed Mr. Sedik and noted that, “The victims and residents indicated they’d like police detectives to kick it into high gear when it comes to finding these men.” Continue reading


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I’ve a feeling we’re not in Aventura anymore, Toto!

I miss KansasDespite assurances by North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess that “the Crime Index rating for NM is the same as the City of Aventura,” one family recently robbed at “gunpoint, taser and machete” might have their doubts about that.

Naim Sedik sent an email today to North Miami Detectives Noel and Castro stating, “It has now been over two weeks that our home on Biscayne Bay Drive in Keystone Point has been the scene of a brutal armed home invasion.”

Mr. Sedik then detailed a brutal account of the family’s being held against their will and threatened with “our f*cking throats being cut” as they were forced to turn over all their valuables to armed, masked intruders. Continue reading

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