Yes, Vanessa, there is no un-tweet button (Updated)

NBC Miami reporter assignment editor Vanessa Morales is proof positive that #journalismisdead.  After a fatal crash on the MacArthur Causeway yesterday morning, she tweeted:

Vanessa MoralesRandom Pixels just HAD to respond with his own special tweet:

RP-Vanessa TweetIf that wasn’t humiliating enough, national journalist and media blogger, Jim Romenesko picked up this story in his Morning Report for April 24, 2014, by posting:

Morning ReportIn the spirit of snarkiness, I also just HAD to jump on the Bash Vanessa Bandwagon by tweeting:

TweetThe Brave New World of social media, especially Twitter, has enabled information junkies to overdose on their 24-hour news cycle addiction.  And as you all know, I am totally on board with that.

For reporters, being able to dispense news via Twitter is probably the best way to be the first to get your stories out to the public and make a name for yourself in journalism.

If used properly, Twitter is an extremely useful tool.

Unfortunately, the improper use of Twitter can result in a disaster.

As Vanessa Morales is probably figuring out right about now after becoming the laughing stock of national media due to her own ditziness, sending out dumbass tweets has made her the poster child for “Stop Twitter Abuse Now.”

twitter abuse

Two lessons for Vanessa Morales:

  1. You can delete them, but you can’t un-tweet them.
  2. Screen shots are forever.


Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. NMB Lady says:

    I think she was pointing out the incongruous juxtaposition of an “amazing” setting with such a tragic report.

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      You’re giving an airhead too much credit.


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