Say Goodbye to Jimmy’s Place :-(

Jimmy's Place ExteriorTomorrow is your last chance to have one of the best home style meals in South Florida.  As lamented by one of my friends, “The long celebrated Jimmy’s Place, a bastion of Old North Miami, will close its doors due to a change in ownership.”  The new owner will be taking over on Monday.  He intends to renovate it into a 24 hour diner and serve wine and beer.

I remember spending hours and hours with friends at Jimmy’s over the years eating comfort food, celebrating life’s milestones, crying over broken hearts, and solving the world’s problems.  Most of the time with pots and pots of coffee in one sitting.

Jimmy's PlaceMy most memorable meal was shared with my best friend twenty two years ago when we discovered we were both expecting at the same time, she with her first child and me with my last.  It really does seem like Only Yesterday.

As fate would have it, tomorrow will be your last day to have your own Only Yesterday moment at Jimmy’s.

Make it an memorable one!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


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