When is a Hate Crime not a Hate Crime?

When Jews are the victims!


I get that it’s hard for non-Jews to understand the symbolic significance of the Swastika.  In 1920 the Nazi Party adopted this Sanskrit figure as its “symbol of National Socialism, and of the Aryan race,” and used it on the party flag.  In 1933, Adolph Hitler made it the state flag of Germany, and the rest is history.


This Swastika symbol, along with the Iron Cross, a symbol of the German armed forces during the Third Reich, can elicit such fear and loathing in the heart of a Jew, that the mere sight of either one can literally cause physical, mental and emotional distress.  Such a reaction is usually beyond the imagination of many people who have no personal connection to the idea that six million of their own people were systematically wiped out between 1933 and 1945, killing two thirds of the European Jewish population.


That is over 66% of all Jews in Europe in the middle of the last century.

Had Hitler’s “Final Solution” to exterminate all the Jews in Europe come to fruition, I would not be here to remind you that any crime against a specific group of people is considered a Hate Crime.

Iron Cross

Right before midnight last night, I received a text that a car was vandalized on the 600 block of NE 179th Terrace, in the “doughnut hole” of North Miami Beach.  Both the Swastika and the Iron Cross was etched into the paint of a brand new BMW belonging to a woman who didn’t even want to call the police when she discovered the Hate Crime.  She told my source, “What good would it do?  The (county) police will only come, write a report, hand me a piece of paper with a case number, and nothing will be done.”

The woman was eventually persuaded to call the police, who did exactly what she predicted.  She was not surprised.

Fortunately, when word got out to a few of our North Miami Beach Police Officers, three of them showed up on the scene just to lend support to the victim.  They didn’t have to do this, as the crime occurred outside their jurisdiction.  But, to their credit, they came anyway.  I’m told that the victim was moved by their concern.

On behalf of the victim, whose name I don’t even know and whose only connection to me is that we are both Jewish, I extend my sincere gratitude to the NMBPD!

Like the anti-Semitic defacement of an Orthodox synagogue on July 28, 2014 and the murder of an Orthodox Rabbi on August 9, 2014, neither of which have been classified as an official Hate Crime by the Miami-Dade County Police Department, this new incident will probably also be denied such status.

This is an outrage!

Hitler’s extermination of two thirds of Europe’s Jews during the Holocaust was the mother of all Hate Crimes.

Does it have to get that bad before crimes against Jews are classified as Hate Crimes as well?  I hope not.

In any event, even if the Jewish victims of the recent spate of Hate Crimes in our community expect no support or protection from Miami-Dade County, our North Miami Beach Police Department is stepping in to take up the slack.  Police Chief J. Scott Dennis issued a statement advising that not only are they are assisting the county PD with the investigation of the recent murder of the Rabbi, but that they will be increasing their presence in the area by way of “additional resource deployments.”

In addition, the Mayor and Council of the City of North Miami Beach will hold a town hall meeting at 6:30 p.m., on Monday, August 18, 2014 at the McDonald Center, 17011 NE 19th Avenue, North Miami Beach, Florida.  I urge all residents to attend.

Regardless of the official classification, the crimes being perpetrated against the Jews right now are absolutely Hate Crimes.  We must come together as a community and voice our refusal to accept the unacceptable.

Today it’s the Jews.

Tomorrow it could be you.

First they came

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”



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  1. prem says:

    August 19th is a Tuesday.
    is the event on the tuesday?

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Oops! No, it’s Monday, the 18th. That was a typo. I fixed it. Thanks!

  2. Mark says:

    At least NMB cops showed up. Two weeks ago, when a young black male was found in one of our backyards (after three neightbors were burgled in 4 days), and chased to his home TWO BLOCKS AWAY, police were called and said nothing could be done since there was no possible charge. What the hell kind of community policing is that? Come over and interview the kid and show him that the police.. um.. care about crime. His mother sure didn’t do anything, she yelled at the victimized homeowner. It’s that kind of kid who feels emboldened enough to kill someone in broad daylight on a main street and calmly walk away. ZERO consequences in the donut hole.

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Do not blame the North Miami Beach Police Department, as the “doughnut hole” belongs to the county. Of course, if the NMBPD can be of assistance, they will certainly show up. But they cannot be everywhere at once, and with so much crime within our own city limits, our officers must respond first to NMB residents.

      Those of you who live in the “hole” or any other areas outside NMB have two choices: You can either (1) petition the county commissioners and county police department to improve your service, or (2) ask the City of North Miami Beach to annex your area and be eligible to receive the same services we do.

      Sure, we pay slightly more in taxes. But I sleep better at night knowing my streets are being patrolled by the NMBPD. There is no comparison between our department and the county’s PD.

  3. Jim Tracton says:

    Good for you. I lost two cousins fighting the nazis and I myself did not get any injuries. But I will fight them today even though they are nicely known as anti-semites,

  4. Outraged AGAIN says:

    It’s quite obvious that the iron cross more than the swastika shows that THIS IS A HATE CRIME. I didn’t even know about the iron cross and I am Jewish. It seems that most know what the swastika represents. I hope there is a good paint shop that will assist this woman quickly and reasonably for what it’s worth.

  5. Allan Jacob says:

    The anti-Israel media such as the Miami Herald empower the fringe to act. Failure of authorities to respond because of political correctness further empower those a bit less on the fringe. And the process evolves.

    1. prem says:

      On a separate note, I’m trying to figure out how the police determined the profiles of suspects in the Rabbi’s murder. It is mentioned two black male, one on a bicycle.
      It is mentioned members of the Rabbi’s family were with view of the event, but did they view the event? It was mentioned the family didn’t realize either what was happening or that it was happening to their family member.

    2. Ricardo says:

      It’s not only the Miami Herald.

      Mainstream Media in general has turned into a collection of antisemitic propaganda outlets.
      MSN, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, they’re all working for Hamas.
      Reporting of the ongoing conflict is openly biased against Israel. The press looks the other way as Hamas fires rockets from schools, churches, hospitals and residential complexes.
      They look the other way while Hamas uses women and children as human shields.
      They ignore how Hamas uses international aid to build rockets and terror tunnels instead of schools.

      They use the term anti-Zionism instead of anti-Semitism in an effort to make us believe they’re different things, but for all practical matters they’re both the same shit.

      And then there’s Academia. The American Studies Association is pushing for an academic boycott against Israel. They show no shame, no remorse in joining the BDS movement to defame, demonize and question the legitimacy of Israel.

      That’s how it started in Europe. Antisemitic antics were tolerated in the beginning. Now they are openly calling for the death of all Jews. They attack Jewish businesses and individuals, and it’s business as usual. Nothing is done to protect the victims or punish the perpetrators.

      We cannot let the same happen here.

      1. prem says:

        What about when Israel stops flotillas full of medicine and clothing from entering Gaza from the sea?
        Haven’t you seen any of the newsreel of IDF commandos descending from helicopters to arrest nobel prize winners, journalists, and other civilians?

        These boats aren’t carrying weaponry, and yet Israel asserts a right over the border to Gaza from the Mediterranean Sea. I believe that’s called a Blockade.

        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          As usual, Prem. You drank the MSM Kool-Aid. Israel blocks ships carrying weapons slated for the Hamas. The only “medicine” or “clothing” that might be on those ships are used as a decoy to cover up the guns and bombs being smuggled in.

          You can sympathize with the terrorists all you want, Prem. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone here who agrees with your radical opinions. We don’t serve the Kool-Aid at Voters Opinion. Spiked or otherwise.

          1. prem says:

            I followed the Flotilla with DemocracyNow.org daily in 2010. Here is a link to one of the Nobel Prize winners who was on board a boat.
            Please provide me with some “evidence” regarding your claims and I will consider it.


          2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            I gave you plenty of evidence. Believe me, if I wanted to, I could keep going. But I don’t want to spend the rest of my evening being pissed off. You did, however, screw with the wrong person. I will not stand by and allow anyone to attack Israel for defending herself, her citizens, and her right to exist.

        2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          On second thought, I will spike that Kool-Aid…with a splash of some cold, hard truth!



          1. prem says:

            this example was of a commercial boat attempting to smuggle weapons.
            I am specifically speaking of the Peace Flotilla’s which were a non-commercial endeavor.

            Democracy Now covered this movement ad nauseam

        3. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          Have another serving, Prem:


          Are you drunk yet?

        4. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          And while you’re at it, try some of this as a Kool-Aid chaser:


        5. Ricardo says:

          So you are serving Red Herring.
          Ok. I will have some.

          So funny that you mention THAT flotilla. If you had read outside Hamas’ pamphlets, you would know that only 3 of the six vessels carried humanitarian aid. Also that a large number of activists on board of the Mavi Marmara used violence against IDF agents.
          By the way, the Mavi was purchased by an organization with alleged ties to Al Quaeda.
          Almost forgot. The humanitarian aid, you know, the one that was not for building tunnels, was released to Gaza and Hamas refused to allow it in.

          Your red herring tastes horrible!!!!

          1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            He can’t say he wasn’t warned.

        6. Ricardo says:

          How about we try what I offered in the menu?

          Does Hamas use human shields?
          Do they fire rockets from churches?
          Do they fire rockets from schools?
          Do they fire rockets from hospitals?
          Do they fire rockets from residential areas?
          Do they fire rockets into residential areas?
          Do they store their rockets inside schools?
          Do they use hospitals as command centers?
          Do they use international aid to build their terror tunnels?
          Is Hamas a terrorist organization?
          Does its charter call for the total destruction of Israel?

          Will you have the decency to answer at least one of my questions?
          Will you have the decency to address my comment instead of going for cheap fallacies?

          1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            You go, Ricardo! You had me at “human shields.” Here’s a standing ovation!

  6. Mark says:

    “Do not blame the North Miami Beach Police Department,” I was giving them credit, as I believe this was out of their jurisdiction this morning. That kind of extra effort by the county cops may have prevented a fifth robbery in my anecdote above.

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Mark, I didn’t mean to suggest you were blaming them. Sorry if it sounded harsh. I probably should have worded it differently, but I was really trying to praise their efforts. I realize the county PD has a much bigger territory and they are spread much thinner. The geography of the doughnut hole also makes it much more difficult for them to access the area as often as they should. Whoever drew up the boundaries really messed up, like they did with Biscayne Boulevard and the NMB/North Miami boundary and the Sky Lake boundaries. The doughnut hole, though was the worst plan ever because our city shouldn’t have any holes at all.


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