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two-dot-ohHappy Saturday!

I know you’ve been hanging on the edges of your seats for the latest North Miami Campaign Treasurer’s Reports, so I’ll just get right to it.

I’ll start off with an amendment to my earlier CTR Update on August 13, 2014.  When I noted that candidate Kevin Burns was missing a report, it turns out that he did file both.  The CTR that I analyzed in my previous post was for the period 07/26/14-08/01/14 and filed August 8, 2014, viewable here.  The first one covering the period 07/19/14-07/25/14 was, in fact, filed and date stamped on August 1, 2014, which you can view here.  The Clerk’s office (or IT Department) messed up and never posted it.

During that period, he received $1,450.00 in contributions from seven individuals and expended $1,465.42 on radio ads, tee shirts, and a luncheon at the North Miami Chamber of Commerce.

He did not buy gas that week.

On August 15, 2014, Kevin Burns filed a report for the period covering 08/02/14-08/08/14, which you can see here.  He collected $2,500.00 in contributions from three businesses, one of them in North Miami, and the other two located in Coral Gables and Hialeah.  He reported expenditures of $4,625.00, of which $3,125.00 were spent on Haitian radio advertising and $1,500.00 on fundraising services.

And not even one tank of gas.

With a grand total of $27,370.00 in receipts and expenditures of $16,342.50, Burns still has $11,027.50 in his campaign account to spend.

North Miami gas station owners are on stand by.

Smith Joseph’s latest report covering the period 08/02/14-08/08/14, which you can view here, reflects yet another loan to his campaign of $25,000.00.  Joseph has now spent $125,000.00 of his own money to fund his mayoral campaign.  He also received monetary contributions totaling $5,850.00, all but two from (no surprise) medical offices and doctors.  The non-medical related contributions came from an airport manager and a local bakery.  He also received a $1,000.00 in-kind contribution from a media advertiser.  Smith Joseph spent $30,266.44 mostly on media, but those expenditures also include $8,010.00 for consulting, coordination and canvassing, and $111.54 for refreshments and office supplies.

Since his campaign started, Smith Joseph has reported total monetary contributions of $145,145.50 and total expenditures of $132,584.20, leaving a grand total of $12,291.30 in his campaign account.

Future third place runner-up, Jean Rodrigue Marcellus reported contributions of $2,760.00, $1,000.00 of which came from former (and suspended) North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau.  The rest all came from individual residents of North Miami and beyond, including (where else?) Miramar.  Jean’s expenditures of $3,656.75 included $1,700.00 for media advertising, $454.75 for campaign printing materials, $300.00 to a campaign worker, and $1,200.00 for his (try not to laugh) campaign headquarters, a/k/a rent.

Marcellus has reported total monetary contributions $20,890.00 since the beginning of his campaign, and has spent $12,771.75, which leaves a total $8,118.25 in his account, which is just enough to cover the repayment of his campaign loans of $7,500.00.

He’d do well to quit while he’s ahead.

The 2014 North Miami Special Election is now in the home stretch.

The final Campaign Treasurer’s Reports are due on August 22, 2014 covering the period 08/09/14-08/21/14.  I will publish a final analysis as soon as they are posted.

Early voting began on Monday and will run through Sunday, August 24, 2014.  Click here for exact dates and times:  Early Voting

Absentee ballots have also been mailed out, but you still have until August 20, 2014 to request one.  Click here for details:  Absentee Voting

Election Day is Tuesday, August 26, 2014.


Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


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  1. Walter Ward says:

    What would be a reason a business in Hialeah and Coral Gables donate money to a politician not from their city?


  2. Will says:

    lets see, there’ a large business based in C.G. that owns at least one large piece of property on W Dixie that they refuse to improve..wonder if its them…maybe the business from Hialeah wants to get in on the slumlord angle the City of N Miami encourages thru their USELESS code enforcement


  3. […] Speaking of elections, even though we all were keeping a vigilant eye on the candidates, the North Miami race to replace Lucie was pretty much a snooze-fest.  The Campaign Treasurer’s Reports they filed produced no blog-worthy scandals. […]


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