Oh, darn! Too bad I have a day job.

Fist-pumping Pizzi

Fist-pumping Pizzi Photo: Miami Herald

‘Cuz if I didn’t, I’d be camped outside Miami Lakes Town Hall at 9:00 AM waiting for the fireworks.

Y’all know by now that former-slash-suspended Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi was acquitted of corruption charges on Thursday, thanks to the cracker jack legal team of Ben Kuehne and Ed Shohat.

Governor Rick Scott, who suspended Pizzi after he was arrested, has refused to “reinstate Pizzi because the town already had a new mayor,” according to a Miami Herald article, Still-suspended Miami Lakes Mayor Pizzi: I’ll be at my town hall desk on Monday.

Wait, what?

Despite the fact that he has not been officially reinstated, Pizzi had Big Ben write a letter to the Manager and Clerk of the Town of Miami Lakes informing them that he will be occupying the mayoral office come Monday morning.

Oh, and that he’ll need a secretary and “require re-issuance of appropriate access credentials.”

In other words, dude wants his parking space back.

What Pizzi claims he doesn’t need is the approval of the Governor.

Or the consent of the guy already sitting in the mayoral chair thanks to a special election held after Pizzi was suspended.

Michael Pizzi then put on his Wishful Thinking Cap and told the Herald, “There’s not going to be a wrestling match. I’m not going to be escorted out by police for trespassing.  I’m not going to force them to throw me out of the building.”

Alrighty then.

So, like I said.  If I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow, you know where I’d be.


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  1. Al Crespo says:

    It’s funny, well actually it’s not, but when Michelle Spence-Jones had her last case dropped, Richard Dunn had to resign so she could take her seat back, and he had been elected on his own after he had initially been appointed.


  2. J. Lopez says:

    The citizens of Miami Lakes have been fed up with Pizzi’s antics for several years. To refresh the memories of those who suddenly think Mikey was “framed” by the government need we remind them of a few incidents which depict the state of mind of the individual? Does anybody remember Pizzi’s first push to recall Natacha Seijas? In that fateful event three pf Pizzi’s assistants in the collection of signatures for the recall were arrested and convicted. How about that strange fire in Pizzi’s law office where he first claimed $200k were taken from his safe, then it was $75k, and later about $100 dollars? To this day there are dozens of clients who claim he committed arson to get rid of files and not pay rent nor his clients. And who can forget Pizzi’s nocturnal visits to the Lakes poolhall and his walks around the neighborhood at 2:00 a.m? There is a lot more going up his nose than sinus medicine. We hope the citizens of Miami Lakes have more common sense than permitting this nut job from returning to office.


  3. TC99 says:

    It all depends on the Town’s Charter, if a special election is held, is his term “completed?” This will be dragging out in courts for weeks to come.

    You may also want to see the North Miami’s Charter says if Tondreau is acquitted and asks to be reinstated after a special election is completed.

    Finally, maybe a question to Mr. Smith, NMB’s City Attorney about what would happen here in NMB if something like this should happen and if a change to our Charter is necessary to clearly state what would happen.


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