Randy Hilliard, Prince of Darkness? ROFLMAO!

Hilliard et al

Photo: The Miami Mirror

The much anticipated “hit piece” against North Bay Village mayoral candidate Jorge Brito hit mailboxes all over the tiny three-island municipality yesterday.

Somewhere in South Florida, Keith Donner is laughing his ass off.

Connie Leon-Kreps’ campaign “strategists” Randall Hilliard and Mitch Edelstein produced a political “attack” mailer that can only be described as One Hot Mess.

The “brains” behind this mailer, which was paid for by the Electioneering Communications Organization, Floridians for a Strong Future, is Randall Hilliard.  This self-proclaimed “Prince of Darkness” was once referred to as “the most feared political consultant” by the Eye On Miami’s geniusofdespair in 2007.


Randy Hilliard might be a legend in his own mind, but here in the real world he’s Keith Donner’s Bitch.

So, this is what the brain trust of Randy and Mitch came up with:

Brito Mailer Page 1

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“Meet Jorge Britto, nightmare neighbor?”

Yeah, I bet that made Jorge Brito tremble in his boots!

As pathetic as that one-liner was, no one even bothered to proofread the final draft.

Will someone please tell Randy and Mitch that B-R-I-T-O has only one T?

The rest of this explosive exposé consists of nothing more than a copy of a letter dated March 4, 2014 from a lawyer named Daniel Marquez, attempting to intimidate Mr. Brito for his “recent actions and behavior.”

According to the lawyer letter, Brito’s “actions and behavior” constituted his conducting a “private investigation” of the Board…

…”without the Board’s express approval.”

We investigated ourselves

Are your sides aching yet?

When Mr. Brito became a Board member of the Kennedy House condominium association, he noticed fishy things about the building’s finances.  He decided to look into those fishy things.

He eventually uncovered criminal activity.

Which eventually led to a perp being escorted out of the building in handcuffs.

The fact that his fellow Board members hired an attorney to stop Jorge Brito from “investigating” them just begs the question:  “What were they hiding?”

The fact that Brito’s “investigation” resulted in the arrest of the building manager … well, as they say in the courtroom, “Asked and answered.”

As for that campaign mailer, I’ve seen hit pieces in my time and let me tell you, this one is as lame as they get.

Take note, Randy and Mitch.  THIS is how it’s done:


Hiring amateurs to do the job of a professional was Connie Leon-Kreps’ first mistake.

If she’s allowed to keep her mayoral seat, it probably won’t be her last.

Randall Hilliard might call himself the Prince of Darkness, but when it comes to slaying the opposition, Keith Donner is the Undisputed King.

Oh, yeah.  I can hear Keith laughing from all the way up here in Davie.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Jose Lopez says:

    Standing up against unscrupulous condo associations should be considered an act of heroism. Apparently Mr. Brito was not far from the truth when he initiated his investigation. Thus far, association manager Rachel Badilla (Keith Donner’s daughter) has been arrested for embezzlement and more arrests are pending. We could use a mayoral candidate with the drive to uncover cronyism, corruption and graft. Maybe we can encourage him to move and run for office in our city.


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  3. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Can Mr. Brito even run for office? I thought he was Brazilian. Maybe he has dual citizenship. I really love his art. Very colorful. I hope he displays some of it in NBV if he wins.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I think you’re confusing him with Romero Brito.


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