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Montana Election NightPhyllis Smith wants you to re-elect her for City Council of NMB …


NMB, MONTANAIt was news to me when I found out there was a North Miami, Oklahoma.

But, I know for sure there’s no North Miami Beach in Montana!

With all the controversy surrounding NMB Councilwoman Phyllis Smith’s Montana license plates, you’d think she’d at least have the good sense to hit the campaign trail in a car with Florida tags.

I guess it could be worse.  She could be out there campaigning in a fire truck with city issued temporary tags, à la Kevin Burns in North Miami.

But, despite the fact that Phyllis told Miami Herald reporter Patricia Sagastume that “she doesn’t own cars and often catches a ride to city hall with others,” here she is driving a white van.

PHYLLIS DRIVINGSporting the Montana license plate AND her infamous screaming yellow “Re-Elect Phyllis Smith” bumper sticker.

NMB, MONTANA 2Phyllis was adamant that she has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her husband’s Hummers.

But, wait!  That’s no Hummer she’s driving!

These recent photos depict Phyllis sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

In her letter to the editor of the Miami Herald, Phyllis wrote:

In 2002, on the advice of his company’s attorney, my husband, Woodrow, opened an LLC. The 2002 Hummer was bought in Miami-Dade County, and Florida state taxes were paid; the 2004 Hummer was bought out of state; the Chevy SSR has Florida license plates; the car under the canvas was left to our children by their late grandfather and has not been driven. All of my husband’s vehicles are insured in Miami-Dade County.

Phyllis was obviously not  driving a Hummer or  a Chevy SSR in this picture.  Could this Mercedes Benz be “the car under the canvas” that “has not been driven?”

Why does Phyllis Smith open her mouth, put her foot in it, and make it so damn easy to catch her in a lie?

Because she really just can’t help herself.

It’s what she does.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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