purrformantNorth Miami Beach Councilwoman Phyllis Smith, who is running for her life (time health insurance benefits), so she can plant her tushy-on-the-chair for four years longer than any other elected official, likes to make up words.

Her most recent gaffe on the dais was during the council meeting on April 7, 2015, when she coined the word “honorability.”

Anyone who isn’t alphabetically challenged can pick up the nearest dictionary and see that there is no such word.  That fact still doesn’t prevent Phyllis, the self-professed expert on whatever pops into her empty head at any given moment, from blurting out nonsense at the most inappropriate times.

Not that Phyllis has ever been known for her “appropriateability,” but she sure has a keen knack for making herself look as stupid as possible any time she opens her mouth.

Even by Phyllis standards, the bar of which has already been lowered to new depths since she was first elected in 2007, the reigning Queen of “Incivilibility” has outdone herself with her latest act of “abominability.”

If it weren’t bad enough that this woman once compared North Miami Beach Police Officers to “little children having their toys taken away,” Phyllis’ true colors have been revealed in her quest to get re-elected by any means necessary.

“Honorability” be damned!

Two days ago I accidentally discovered that she accepted a campaign contribution check on February 19, 2015 from the attorney who represents the male humanoid who, less than two weeks earlier, shot North Miami Beach Police Officer Lino Diaz on February 6, 2015.

Phyllis Campaign Donation

On February 9, 2015, Officer Diaz had surgery in order to repair the damage, including a fractured bone in his arm, inflicted by Elton L. Bandoo before being discharged from the hospital after a five day stay.  As he was leaving the hospital, Officer Diaz expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support he received, and stated, “My goal is to recover as quickly as possible, come back out here, and serve and protect my community.”

Officer Lino Diaz is a true hero, who personifies honor, duty and commitment to service.  There are no words of appreciation deserving enough to bestow on this man of principle.

Unlike Phyllis, I won’t try to invent any.

Also unlike Phyllis, it would never occur to me to further insult Officer Diaz by accepting blood money from the lawyer defending the person who tried to kill a member of the police department she ostensibly represents as an elected official.

As much fun as it is to ridicule Phyllis Smith’s comical use of one malapropism after another, this time there is nothing funny about it.

Her acceptance of this tainted donation proves beyond all reasonable doubt that Phyllis Smith will stoop to the lowest of lows and do anything at all to keep her seat on the dais.

Phyllis Smith has demonstrated the ultimate disrespect to a law enforcement officer who would – and did – take a bullet for anyone, including her, in the line of duty.

This desperate act on her part was also a clear slap in the face of every single officer in the North Miami Beach Police Department.

I have absolutely zero respect for anyone who even thinks about voting for Phyllis Smith.

Or, her co-conspirator, Frantz Pierre.

If voters do the unthinkable act of re-electing either of them, there will be no hope for the future of North Miami Beach.

There will also be no hope for this blogger to continue covering North Miami Beach.

Just saying.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Steph Admirer says:

    Actually if they both get elected, then you will have 4 more years worth of material. Not sure if that benefits anyone. By the way, you look great in that “Phillys Yellow” blouse.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I figured I’d take one for the team.


  2. The time is now when new political figures are necessary to carry out the right plans for the future.

    That right candidate, right now in Group 3 is Michael Joseph (Punch #70). He is a true community servant.

    Michael Joseph serves on civic boards, Michael Joseph is active in service to the community, and Michael Joseph has been a long-time resident of the community.

    Michael Joseph has been endorsed by the Jewish Leadership Coaltion and a number of leading community figures. Click here to read their endorsement here.

    I would ask voters reading this comment to consider the credentials of Michael Joseph before casting their ballot in the Group 3 race.

    Employment –

    Associate Attorney, Galbut Walters PA

    Represented clients in civil rights litigation in federal and state court, as well as in complex local and federal relations involving municipal zoning, code compliance, and comprehensive land use planning. Practice also includes representing indigent individuals and non-profits before county and municipal boards throughout South Florida.

    Sole Legal Practitioner, Mike Joseph, P.A

    Represented low-income clients in the areas of immigration, family, and criminal law. Attended criminal pre-trials, sentencing, and parole violation hearings for misdemeanor cases. Litigated administrative law cases, including attending pre-trial motions and negotiating in settlement conferences.

    Civic Participation –

    Vice-Chairman of Miami-Dade County Small Business Advisory Board

    Memeber of 5000 Role Models of Excellence

    Legal Aid at Hope Church of the Nazarene

    Education –

    Juris Doctor, Saint Thomas University, School of Law

    – St. Thomas University School of Law Deans List

    – Thurgood Marshall Fellowship (Fellow)

    Master of Business Administration in Public Administration, Florida International University, College of Business

    Bachelor of Business Administration, Florida International University, College of Business

    Recognitions –

    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Special Act Award

    City of Miami Bayfront Park Management Trust Service Award

    This May 5th please vote Michael Joseph (Punch #70) for City of North Miami Beach Council, Seat 3.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Hector, seriously? Even I’m getting annoyed by your constant posting of the same thing. You’re probably starting to turn off some of my readers at this point. Seriously. We get it already. Change the record or give it a rest.


      1. Stephanie, I have been posting something different about Michael Joseph. You know he’s the best candidate. I am waiting for you to write something about him.

        Remember, if we want something different in NMB then there actually needs to be new people involved who have the resume to back up the new policy ideas being implemented: Michael Joseph is key to that.

        The reason I keep posting Michael Joseph’s resume is because he is perfect to serve the needs of NMB.

        Also, he is not relying on some special interest money or a political machine to get him elected. It means that he has a free hand to best represent NMB because his decisions are not compromised by campaign promises to those special interests.

        Is he an absolutely perfect candidate? None such exist. But Michael Joseph is the best candidate in this race (with all respect to the other candidates).


      2. Free milk says:

        You should consider charging him for political advertising on your blog. The space alone he took up is worth something.


    2. Howard says:

      Hector, you just drove me to vote for Bruce. Thank you.


      1. LoL! You’ve been promoting Bruce a lot longer than I’ve been promoting Michael Joseph.

        Michael Joseph will make a great councilmember. You’ll see!

        Keep the faith!


    3. What about NMB. says:

      The only civic participation that counts for me is in the City of North Miami Beach. What has he done for us? Where has this person been while Mr. Lamberto has been giving up his time in various boards and committees? Sorry but I want someone with hometown civic participation credentials. Mr. Joseph may “stay” here, but I dont think he does a lot of “living” here.


      1. TC says:


        Michael Joseph still has not shown anything that supports NMB. His endorsement by the Jewish Leadership Coalition is because they want to increase vouchers for private schools’ attendance. I don’t believe in that program and the many people who cannot afford to send their kids to private school should get involved in NMB’s Education Committee to help improve the schools within the city. As a taxpayer, I don’t need to see my money going to a private entity when the public schools need all the money they can get to hire the best people to educate our children.

        I am not going to shill for one candidate, but I still stand on the record of community involvement by both Margie Love and Bruce Lamberto over anything Michael Joseph has done for the City of North Miami Beach.


  3. Walter Ward says:

    Stephanie, even if I am a different city, I have been following NMB. What puzzles me is why the MSN is not printing the same things.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      ‘Cuz I’m a better reporter than the MSM hacks?

      Just a guess.


  4. Blood Money says:

    What perplexes me is that no one has said much about the $ 100- Smith got from LaVay. The amount of money is very low for an attorney, don’t they usually give $ 250- and up? Smith got some splainin to do


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      She probably nagged him to death and he threw her a C-note just so she would STFU. He must have figured it was money well spent.


  5. Confused says:

    Is that the same Galbut that gave a lot of money to Myron’s campaign?


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Michael works for Abraham Galbut. He’s the brother of the infamous Russell.

      I caution everyone not to judge Abraham for the “sins” of the brother.

      Fortunately (and thankfully!), I’m not my brother’s keeper, either.


      1. FYI – I just reviewed Michael Joseph’s campaign treasurer’s report and Russell Galbut has NOT given money to Michael Joseph.


        1. Dude! Relax! says:

          Dude! Relax!
          They’re talking about Smith.


  6. NMB Truth Teller says:

    I think its safe to say that Phyllis Smith is not going to get reelected, so who are we going to replace her with?

    Michael Joseph seems like a decent choice but Bruce Lamberto is known for doing a lot of things in the community.

    Stephanie, what else do you know about these guys?


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I fully plan to post a blog about that race, including details about the candidates. I will hopefully have something ready in a few days or so.


    2. Citizen Jack says:

      I know you asked Stephanie about the other two candidates in Group 3, but I can give you some things known while we wait in anticipation for another exciting and informative blog from Stephanie.

      Now first let’s make sure Smith the bloviating liar, tax cheater, and benefit grabber doesn’t get in so we can concentrate on Joseph and Lamberto. Haven’t met Michael Joseph, heard he did okay at a campaign debate in the city. I heard he went off on Smith (way to go Joe) and apologized (zzz). He’s an attorney and involved in organizations all over, but here. He’s a political newcomer in NMB, but he did run against State Representative Barbara Watson and lost. The community doesn’t seem to know him and he hasn’t served any committees and attended 1 or 2 council meetings, so my sources say. Heard nothing bad, but nothing good except he’s a nice guy. There’s a dude on here, Hector that writes about him so I assume that’s a real bio, but who knows.

      Lamberto has run a few times in the city many years ago trying to unseat some long standing city officials. Lamberto is running again because his supporters think he can take out his neighbor in Eastern Shores, Smith. He is very involved in the city for a long time. He sits on two boards and chairs both of them. He is very involved in Veteran organizations and drives some cool vintage army jeeps around town. Nice guy, met him here and there and know that he has attended council meetings for years because I watch him. And when he talks at the meetings he seems to know what he is talking about, seems to be a very involved guy.

      Anything better than the Montana State Tag Holder Yellow Colored Doesn’t Shut Her Mouth Knows Everything Needs To Go-Incumbent!


  7. Ana Soto says:

    I posted last week about this but I think you guys got this wrong. We do know Michael Joseph in Uleta and I know my friends in Oak Grove and in Victory Park who know him.

    Mr. Joseph helps people with legal issues. He helped my cousin when he got trouble with police. And he helps us even when we don’t have a lot of money.

    Maybe a lot of you from Eastern Shores haven’t heard about him because he’s not from there. But you should give him a chance. Michael Joseph is a great guy.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share.


    1. not from the'shores' says:

      I live nowhere near E Shores, I am very involved, and I still don’t know who this candidate is. Maybe if I had some legal issues…


  8. Citizen Jack says:

    What does people from Eastern Shores mean? And who is living there that commented? It’s good to know that someone knows him. I didn’t see your post before. Thanks for the heads up.


    1. Ana Soto says:

      I know Mr Joseph is from Fulford not Eastern Shores. That’s why people in Eastern Shores don’t know him as well as my family and friends do.

      Mr Joseph has a picture of my cousin Abel on his website http://www.votemichaeljoseph.com/2014/03/16/confronting-civil-rights-abuse/


  9. […] L. Bandoo’s lawyer, Seth LaVey, fresh from signing the $100.00 check he wrote to the Re-Elect Phyllis Smith Campaign, told Channel 7 that there’s simply no truth […]


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