NMB: Last Chance to Lose Phyllis! (UPDATED)

parting giftsPhyllis Smith concocted an entirely fictional person in order to wage the worst type of smear campaign against one of her opponents.  “Laura Smith,” the fictional “Mother of 2, Business Owner and Concerned Resident of North Miami Beach (NMB),” was actually the collaborated creation of Councilwoman Phyllis Smith’s daughter Susie, strip club lobbyist Mitchell Edelstein, self-proclaimed “Satanist” Randy Hilliard, and Miami Beach #DirtyPolitician Mark Weithorn.

The lies she spread worked since her opponent was knocked out of the first round.

It’s no coincidence that since the runoff campaign started you haven’t seen one negative mailer.  For one thing, Phyllis can’t find any dirt on Michael Joseph.  If there was something, no matter how minute, she would have used it.

With dirtbags like Edelstein, Hilliard and #DirtyPolitician Mark Weithorn on her payroll, Phyllis would have turned an unpaid parking ticket into a felony offense.

On the contrary, you haven’t seen any hit pieces from Michael Joseph against Phyllis, even though heaven knows there’s plenty of material!  But, unlike Phyllis, Michael is a real mensch.  He can afford to run a clean campaign because he is running on the merits of his own integrity, a character trait sorely lacking in Phyllis Smith.

Since she obviously couldn’t dig up even one speck of dirt on her runoff opponent, one can’t help but wonder what other dirty tricks she has up her sleeve to win the seat she’s so desperately trying to keep.

Well, wonder no more!  Here’s the scoop.

A couple of days ago Phyllis sent out a mailer with a long list of names of people who supposedly endorsed her.

Phyllis Smith Endorsements The minute I saw this list, I knew right off the bat that one of them wouldn’t endorse Phyllis if she ran unopposed.

To say that Yona Lunger was furious when he saw his name on this mailer is an understatement.  The words he told me are not fit for print.

What I can tell you is that quite a few other people on this list weren’t too happy to find out they “endorsed” Phyllis, including at least two North Miami Beach business owners who admitted they gave her a donation, but claimed they never verbally or in writing told her they were endorsing her.  Understandably, since they do business in NMB, they prefer to remain anonymous.

The Vice President of the North Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce also had concerns about Phyllis Smith’s mailer.  Late Sunday night Chris Colona was compelled to write the following letter to the Executive Board members of the Chamber:

Chris Colona EmailTo make matters worse, whether she actually endorsed Phyllis or not, Gepsie Metellus, the Executive Director of Sant La might be a tad upset that both her first and last names were spelled wrong.

I also can’t help but wonder if Josephine Barbot, the 13 year old daughter of author Alexandra Barbot, knows she endorsed a political candidate.

One elected official on this list told me that Phyllis ambushed him at a seminar and demanded an endorsement from him.  Out of sheer politeness (and probably so she’d get out of his face) he agreed.

I was also told that several other elected and retired elected officials most likely did not endorse Phyllis since they’ve been very clear in the past that they never endorse anyone for political office.

The seal of approval from the departing North Miami Councilwoman Marie Steril is probably the real deal, though.  (No further comment necessary.)

One can’t help but wonder how many of the other politicians on the list unwittingly “endorsed” Phyllis merely by posing for one of Phyllis Smith’s conveniently timed photo ops at one of the bazillion events she attends every week.

Including the private parties she crashes.

Campbell Family CelebrationSomeone needs to tell Phyllis that just because people stand next to her when pictures are being taken, this doesn’t mean they endorse her!

Unless they’re wearing her screaming yellow tee shirt, of course.

Frantz Endorses PhyllisYeah, that’s L’il Frantzie P, posing with Phyllis at the North Miami Beach Mother’s Day luncheon last week.  No surprise there, since everyone knows they were campaigning together.

Even though Frantz told her opponent, Michael Joseph, that he was endorsing him.  Which should also be no surprise since he lies about everything.

In case you needed any more reasons to give Phyllis Smith the boot, there you go.  Can you really stand four more years of the lies, the grandstanding, and the bloviating?

Phyllis herself said it best.  “New people have new ideas.  New blood has to come in.  Who’s to say that the next young blood can’t make it better?”




UPDATE:  Florida Statute 106.143 (1)(d)(4) Political advertisements circulated prior to election; requirements., reads:

(4) It is unlawful for any candidate or person on behalf of a candidate to represent that any person or organization supports such candidate, unless the person or organization so represented has given specific approval in writing to the candidate to make such representation.

If you were illegally listed as one of Phyllis’ endorsers and wish to file a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission, let me know and I will assist you.


Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Barbara says:

    I noticed some “endorsements” that were from my area and they are KNOWN NOT TO ENDORSE ANYONE! I should give them a call too see “what’s up”? Oh but wait, she will be out after 7:00 PM (let’s hope).


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Please ask if you know them! Complaints are being filed, and I’ll take all witness statements I can get!


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