Elton L. Bandoo: “Damn it, I missed!”

Photo: www.daily.co.uk

Photo: www.daily.co.uk

The fine, upstanding citizen who “accidentally” attempted to murder a North Miami Beach Police Officer allegedly  told his cellmate that he planned to finish the job once he was out on bond.

Elton L. Bandoo’s lawyer, Seth LaVey, fresh from signing the $100.00 check he wrote to the Re-Elect Phyllis Smith Campaign, told Channel 7 that there’s simply no truth to the story.

The lawyer of the man charged with multiple felonies said, “The informant is a convicted felon with no credibility to his name.”

oh the ironyThe “un-credible” convicted felon also told prosecutors that “Bandoo was not surprised when officers arrived at his home. In fact, he was waiting for them on his couch.”

Campaign Donor-slash-Criminal Lawyer Seth LaVey defended his gun-toting, violence-promoting “artistic” client by saying that the allegations are “‘preposterous’ due to the fact that Bandoo has been out on bond for nearly a month and nothing has occurred.”

Considering that Officer Lino Diaz was only cleared to go back to work last week, well … missed opportunities, maybe?

NMB STUNNAZFortunately, North Miami Beach Police Chief Dennis Scott isn’t taking any chances.  He told the press, “In cases in which our officers are threatened, the Police Department takes extra steps to ensure their safety. Officer Diaz, like all of our officers, is an important member of our North Miami Beach Police family. We certainly hope that the Courts take the appropriate actions to protect all members of our community.”

“The Courts” are going to hear the prosecutor’s motion to revoke Bandoo’s bond on June 15th.

Let’s just hope the Judge takes these threats more seriously than the defendant’s attorney apparently does.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Barbara says:

    I was surprised when this person got OUT ON BOND! They keep people in jail for less offenses! “And the beat goes on”…


  2. Just remember next August the judge who gave Bandoo a bond. Jason Bloch. He’s up for election. His opponent’s name is Marcia Del Rey Garcia. Let’s elect some common sense.


    1. Concerned Citizen LMAO more like HL says:

      Marcia Del Rey are you kidding me what a joke of a lawyer, look online at her client reviews that will tell you all you need to know. She probably does;t even know where the courthouse is, she hires coverage attorneys to do her work. Does anyone even know what she looks like other than her billboards off the highway? Having worked for several judges in the past , no one is perfect and the “system” is set up to give second chances, not just preach about the law from a house in Coco Plum and being born with a silver spoon up your a**.


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