Franzie Watch: Sneaky Pierre and Sleazy Joe, doin’ what comes naturally

Evil TwinsThe day North Miami Beach faux-councilman Frantz Pierre and corrupt lawyer-slash-politican Joe Geller joined forces, it was a match made in heaven.

Or, I should say, in hell.

The lawsuit engineered by Frantz to take over the Haitian Evangelical Baptist Church is now in the hands of the Third District Court of Appeal.  Pending the determination of that appeal, in the form of a Petition for Writ of Prohibition filed by the Defendants, the lower court granted the Defendants an Emergency Stay of its previous Order granting the Plaintiffs a Temporary Injunction.

In plain English, this means that the Plaintiffs, which are the parties trying to take over the church, obtained a Court Order to nullify all previous church board elections and force a new one by appointing a nominating committee.  The Defendants, who are the legitimate board members that Frantz wants to oust and replace, filed an appeal to prevent the illegitimate usurpers, and the court, from interfering in church business.

As I already exposed in a previous blog, Frantz Pierre was never a director of officer of the Haitian Evangelical Baptist Church.  His only connection to the church, other than being a member of the flock, is his grand theft of $2,500.00 from the church coffers.

The bad news is that the church will never get that money back.

The good news is that I’m told this matter is finally being investigated by the “New & Improved” Public Corruption Unit.

Despite the fact that Frantz Pierre is not a named as either a Plaintiff or a Defendant on the lawsuit filed by Joseph S. Geller, the Public Corruption Unit is also now in possession of irrefutable evidence that the both of them are in collusion to defraud the church and oust its legitimately elected officers from the board.

Unfortunately, the decision to prosecute is still in the hands of State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, and we already know her dismal record of going after corrupt politicians since she’s one of them.

In the meantime, both Frantz and Joe are currently under investigation by the Miami-Dade and Florida Ethics Commissions, respectively, for doin’ what comes naturally to these two political corruptocrats … defying all ethical standards of behavior and betraying the public trust.

And I’ll be doin’ what comes naturally to me … digging up dirt.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Michigan marauder says:

    Absolution is so danged high-priced these ‘yer days.


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