Jason Bloch and Joe Geller team up in transparent attempt to rig an election. (Who didn’t see this coming?)

Disenfranchise all the votersMiami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jason Bloch is so afraid of losing his cushy appointed-not-elected seat on the bench, he tried to have his opponent, Marcia Del Rey, eliminated from the race.

Just a few weeks before Tuesday’s upcoming election, Jason Bloch filed a lawsuit on August 10, 2016 “asking Judge Jerald Bagley to enjoin Del Rey from running in Tuesday’s judicial election after she allegedly filed incomplete financial disclosures in May,” according to an article posted yesterday in the Daily Business Review.

Judge Jerald Bagley bitched slapped Bloch and his lawyer, Joseph S. Geller, the sleazy, breezy CoverBoy of politi-corruption in Miami-Dade County.

According to Bloch, his opponent should be disqualified for filing “incomplete financial disclosures in May” … three months earlier.

The article reports, “Bloch claims the form doesn’t meet requirements because it leaves out her 2015 income and attributes her second-highest stream of income only to “Puerto Rico,” rather than the Puerto Rico hospitality company she owns with her father, Julio Del Rey.”

Judge Bagley responded with, “This form is fully, completely filled out, from the court’s perspective. … [Voters] can go in there and they can see this information, including the asterisk that says ‘This is based on a 2014 return.’ What’s wrong with that? Why does that make her ineligible?”

Ms. Del Rey’s attorney, Robert Fernandez, rightly argued that if Geller had a case, he could have filed the lawsuit right after she filed her financial disclosure, but instead waited until the “eleven and a halfth hour.”

Avid Joe Geller Watchers know that this sleazy courtroom tactic is only one of the many tricks up his sleeve when it comes to playing dirty politics.

After all, in addition to being a sleazy lawyer, he’s also an ethically challenged politician.

Mr. Fernandez also rightly argued that if his client were to be kicked out of the race at this late stage of the game, it would disenfranchise the 130,000 early voters who had already cast their ballots.

Joe Geller, who cares naught about free and fair elections (as we’ve already seen in the Michael Joseph v. Phyllis Smith lawsuit alleging absentee ballot fraud), rebutted with the insane argument, “If there was a candidate that was not properly before them, that’s not disenfranchisement.  They got to vote for everybody they’re entitled to vote for.”

Wait, WHAT?

Let’s see if we can follow Sleazy Geller Logic:

  • 130,000 voters already cast their ballots
  • A number of them probably voted for Marcia Del Rey
  • Geller is successful in kicking her out of the race
  • But no one who voted for Del Rey is disenfranchised because…
  • Citizens who voted for a non-candidate still got to vote so…
  • They have absolutely nothing to bitch about!

Um, sure.  Makes perfect sense.

Del Rey’s lawyer also argued, “Why did they sit on this information, if they thought it was such a constitutionally defective form?”

Ah, good question.

While we’re at it, let’s ask Joe Geller, “Why are you delaying the Joseph v. Smith lawsuit so long if you think your client is innocent and didn’t commit absentee ballot fraud?”

Just saying.

When Mr. Fernandez suggested that Jason Bloch could have filed a complaint with the Florida Ethics Commission when he discovered Ms. Del Rey’s alleged campaign violations, Geller responded that “the ethics commission takes a minimum of six months to finish investigations” and that its “proceedings are so lengthy that never once in the history of the Florida Commission on Ethics have they completed an investigation into a judicial candidate … before they’ve lost jurisdiction.”

Oh, wait, I get it!

When Sleazy Joe Geller delays an expedited case by needlessly dragging it out, it’s perfectly okay to deny due process.

But when Geller wants a case expedited, it’s apparently not okay for the Ethics Commission to follow due process.

What a hypocrite!

Then again, we’re talking about South Florida politics.  There’s plenty of hypocrisy to go around these here parts.

The case continues today in Judge Bagley’s courtroom.

To be continued.


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  1. David Templer says:

    If we remove Joe Geller from the equation, it is important to know this…

    Judge Block has a 89% approval rating among practicing trial lawyers. Marcia Del Rey does not get above a 23% approval rating from those same lawyers when evaluating her skills independently.

    I don’t know either of them well enough to offer my personal opinion of their abilities.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I’m not arguing with your statistics. I already gave my personal opinion why I believe Bloch should be replaced. I don’t know Marcia Del Rey, so I have no personal opinion of her. I just know she’s his only opponent.

      What I do know is that Joe Geller uses sleazy tactics all the time, whether in court, in municipal legal departments, and on the campaign trail. He should be removed from all of those equations!

      I also know that regardless of approval ratings of either candidate, the final decision is up to the voters. It should NOT be taken out of their hands, which is what Geller and Bloch are trying to do with this apparently frivolous lawsuit.


  2. marc cooper says:

    bloch is going to lose, he knows this, so he tried to cock bloch…geller is shit, good ruling by bagley, though he is often wrong


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      OMG! Are you actually agreeing with me for once? Where’s my fainting couch?


      1. marc cooper says:

        i shit all over bloch’s Facebook page, i didn’t appreciate his john walsh move either…sucks, but the reality is that a bloch cant win against a del rey n a county wide election…del rey choose to challenge bloch bc of ethnic sir name advantage…electing judges is bs generally btw


        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          Thanks for reminding me why I blocked you from my Facebook page. LOL!


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  4. Politicians on all level are the new Mafia says:

    As I have said in the past…….Politicians have replaced the Mafia. They have become the new organized crime ring. The Democratic party is the big boss. All belong in jail. If someone doesnt clean house soon this country is doomed.


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