PREPOSTEROUS! Myron Rosner gets busted, Sarah Zabel gets a pass!

Absolutely no one should be surprised that North Miami Beach ex-Mayor/CONVICTED FELON Myron Rosner got himself arrested again.

We’ve always known that Myron is a liar and a cheat, and that his only purpose in life is to con people out of their hard earned money.

The big shock here is that his wife, CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE SARAH ZABEL, didn’t do the perp walk alongside her hooligan husband.

Myron was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly  inducing Dr. David Rosenbaum to invest $150,000.00 in a real estate venture and then absconding with all the money, according to the press release issued by the Miami State Attorney’s Office.

His wife, Sarah signed an affidavit attached to the arrest warrant, (see page 3), claiming that she did not participate in Myron’s investment scam, was unaware that her name was used, never communicated with the investor, and had no knowledge of fraud.

Yeah, right!

In a phone interview, the State Attorney’s Public Information Officer, Ed Griffith, said that Zabel wasn’t arrested for her participation in the scheme because there wasn’t enough evidence to implicate her.

However, the Affidavit in Support of Arrest Warrant (beginning on page 5) signed by State Attorney Investigator Robert Fielder, tells a completely different story.

According to Investigator Fielder’s affidavit, he became involved in this case when he was directed to participate in the preparation of Myron’s then-upcoming criminal trial on a 2012 felony arrest for unlawful compensation, grand theft and campaign finance fraud.

While reviewing the history of Myron’s financial records, Mr. Fielder discovered that his “business concerns and financial records were intermingled with his wife’s finances and accounts.”  Once he obtained their American Express and Discover Card records, Mr. Fielder noted that “numerous money orders were mailed to Zabel’s credit card companies to pay down the balances.”

It was then that Mr. Fielder suspected foul play.  He discovered that the money orders were purchased with cash “in amounts just under the threshold for triggering a required Bank Secrecy Act (B.S.A.) report on cash transactions” in violation of state law.

Myron’s explanation?

He told investigators that he purchased “amounts under the reporting limit to avoid the inconvenience  of having to fill out the government reporting paperwork.”

Alrighty then.

The investigator also noted that Myron purchased several of the money orders on the same day at different locations, which raised even more red flags.

Clearly, Myron was trying to hide the source of the cash, most likely to avoid paying taxes on that income.  Could the IRS be after him next?  We can only hope.

And, finally, Mr. Fielder discovered that during a fourteen month period beginning in mid-2014, “Rosner and Zabel received over $50,000 in U.S. currency … with most of the money going to pay Zabel’s credit cards.”

Well, isn’t that interesting?

When Mr. Fielder and SAO Investigator Ricardo Arias visited Zabel on January 21, 2016, she claimed complete ignorance about the activity in her credit card accounts, who purchased the money orders, where the money came from and “the purpose of the activity.”

It gets worse.

The company that Myron started with Dr. Rosenbaum’s money, Retail 135, LLC, was formed by Sarah Zabel, both as registered agent and “sole member and manager,” on June 6, 2012.

Myron’s explanation?

He claimed that he named Sarah as the company’s only managing partner to sign the leases and loans because his credit was bad.

Also, he was facing criminal charges from his first felony arrest.

Six months later on December 27, 2012, however, Myron’s name was added as a partner in the company – the exact same date  that investigators discovered that all but $350.00 of Dr. Rosenbaum’s money was gone.

When Retail 135, LLC filed its 2013 Annual Report on April 30, 2013, Myron became the only principle and Sarah Zabel’s name magically disappeared from the company’s books.

But not before she signed a contract as its general partner to purchase a piece of property in North Miami on February 16, 2012, and another contract with Dr. David Rosenbaum two months later on April 4, 2012, allegedly  for the development of that property.

Sarah’s fingerprints were all over this deal from the very beginning!

And, as we also learned, she was well aware that her husband was desperately trying to hide his assets from their creditors.

Myron was also defending other lawsuits against his business, SIZ Construction, Development and Project Management Corporation, which Sarah apparently knew about.

As the investigation wore on, Myron came up with a myriad of excuses as to why the investment deal with Dr. Rosenbaum went south, none of which were even remotely credible.

For example, Myron claimed he spent most of Dr. Rosenbaum’s money on the “first mortgage carrying cost, drilling, and prepared architectural plans,” which plans were never finalized or billed for by the architect, Ari Sklar, who stated as such under oath.

Myron also admitted to investigators that he took $110,000 for “himself and SIZ Construction for all the work he was doing.”

In order to con Dr. Rosenbaum out of his money, Myron took advantage of the fact that his wife was a CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE.  Dr. Rosenbaum told investigators that “the fact that a sitting judge was the general partner gave him a great deal of confidence in the project.”

To further seal the deal, the investment package that Myron prepared for Dr. Rosenbaum stated that the general partner of Retail 135, LLC would “arrange for and guarantee an operating line of credit.”  The only general partner at the time was Sarah Zabel.

Furthermore, all documents pertaining to the agreement with Dr. Rosenbaum were signed by Sarah Zabel, as General Partner.

Obviously, Sarah was more than willing to go along for the ride.

State Attorney investigators only had to follow the money trail to prove her complicity.

During the course of their investigation, they also interviewed a former TD Bank representative, Ms. Yin Ling Leung, who affirmed that both Myron and Sarah opened the Retail 135, LLC bank account with Dr. Rosenbaum’s check on June 13, 2012.  Ms. Leung “had a very clear recollection” that Sarah Zabel signed the bank applications as the “Manager” of the company, and even confirmed Sarah’s identity “via her Florida Driver’s License per bank policy.”  She also had both Myron and Sarah sign the deposit slip for Dr. Rosenbaum’s check.

Eight days later on June 21, 2012, Myron started siphoning money out of the company account in an attempt to bail himself out of a deep financial hole.

And, boy, did Myron and Sarah have money problems!

For one thing, Myron and Sarah were in dispute with the City of North Miami Beach over their multiple code violations on their property due to Myron’s over-construction of his lot without ever obtaining permits and setback variances.  The city had just notified them that they would be charged $750.00 a day until the violations were cured.  Instead of correcting the problems, or at the very least applying for the required variances, Myron and Sarah both decided to appeal the city’s ruling in appellate court.

On top of that, Myron and Sarah were “having a dispute with their home mortgage lender.”  Bank of America notified Myron and Sarah that they were about to foreclose on their home since they hadn’t made any mortgage payments in 90 days and owed over $9,000.00.

Myron’s business, SIZ Construction, was also in need of a bailout since it was being sued for “a commercial dispute.”

Notice a pattern here?

Myron has never taken responsibility for his own self-created problems and is perpetually in dispute with anyone he can blame for them.

But, we digress.

The first $15,000 he stole on June 21, 2012 from the company was used to pay Bank of America to stop the foreclosure on their home.

By July 2, 2012, nineteen days after he deposited Dr. Rosenbaum’s check, Myron “had spent $44,500 of the money in Retail 135 on himself and on SIZ Construction.”

By October 26, 2012, Myron had absconded with $59,500 of Dr. Rosenbaum’s money, including $3,450 to an accountant for the preparation of his and Sarah’s personal tax returns $6,680 to lawyers for his zoning dispute on his personal home, as well as legal fees to defend lawsuit against SIZ Construction for the “commercial dispute.”

Myron also used Dr. Rosenbaum’s money to pay for his “cable bill, auto insurance, auto repairs, gasoline, various cellular phones, restaurants, hotels, and groceries.”

Only $19,350 of that total “could be reasonably attributed to expenses related to the investment project.”

By January 4, 2013, “Rosner had paid himself a total of $86,700 and he paid his construction company SIZ Construction $59,700, yet only spent $22,800 on the project.”

Meanwhile, between August 22, 2012 and January 3, 2013, Dr. Rosenbaum had been unsuccessfully trying to reach Myron for a status report on the project.  In one of many emails to Myron, Dr. Rosenbaum reminded him that the $150,000 investment was to be applied toward the purchase of the property.  By the time Myron responded on January 3rd, he told Dr. Rosenbaum that he was “ready, willing and able to close on Jan 13 but [would] require a ‘significant’ discount on the purchase price” from the seller.

Little did Dr. Rosenbaum know at the time, but on that very date his investment had dwindled down to a whopping $350.00 … $200 of which Myron stole the very next day  on January 4, 2013.

January 4, 2013 was also the same day  that Myron finally changed the buyer’s name contract from “SIZ Construction” to “Retail 135, LLC,” which now had absolutely zero resources  to fulfill the contract and purchase the property.

And, as investigators noted, “During this whole process, no construction ever occurred on the property.”

It soon became clear that Myron had other plans for Dr. Rosenbaum’s “investment.”

Long before Myron sought out Dr. Rosenbaum for this alleged  project, he had lost two civil cases and was court ordered to pay huge sums of money.  On September 20, 2011, he personally owed American Express $20,891.38 plus costs, and on May 29, 2012 – three days before he received Dr. Rosenbaum’s check – Wells Fargo Bank obtained an order of default against SIZ Construction to the tune of $52,545.86.

State Attorney investigators easily connected those dots!

Once Myron blew through his “investor’s” money, he took Sarah’s name off the company Retail 135, LLC, and replaced it with his own.  A few months later, he removed his name from another company, Craftsman Mall, Inc. (now defunct, but at the time a very profitable business), and replaced his name with Sarah Zabel as Vice President and Director, “thus removing his name from any potential claim by Rosenbaum.”

When questioned about the source of money he used to pay off his wife’s credit card bills, Myron claimed he inherited $240,000 and deposited it into a Canadian bank.  Myron also claimed he hid this money from his wife, Sarah Zabel, even though he used $100,000 of that alleged  inheritance to pay down her credit card bills.  Myron also claimed that Sarah knew nothing about the money orders or cashier’s checks since he never showed them to her.

Myron insisted that his wife was so ignorant about their household finances that he was the one who prepared her required financial disclosure forms for the Florida Commission on Ethics for her signature.

It’s highly unlikely that Sarah was unaware of their financial troubles since she received “daily account information via text.”

She apparently ignored them.

Myron did admit, however, that in 2013 he had been transferring assets into Sarah’s name, including a pontoon boat, in order to avoid creditors.  He also told investigators that “he did not want to run some of [his] inheritance through a bank account” so that American Express, Wells Fargo and Bank of America wouldn’t “get their hands on it.”

Ditto with Dr. David Rosenbaum, who already filed a lawsuit against Myron for the $150,000 he stole.

In typical Myron fashion, he even had the cojones  to sue the seller of the property for “the expenses Retail 135 had amassed, mostly in payments to Rosner and SIZ Construction.”  That lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

The State Attorney’s Office let Sarah Zabel off the hook “for lack of evidence” even though it’s clearly evident she was in on this fraudulent investment scheme from the very beginning.

Yet, despite Myron’s second arrest, and first conviction, on felony charges, Sarah Zabel is still standing by her man … and defending his crimes.

The Miami New Times’ Jerry Ianelli reported in Ex-North Miami Beach Mayor Charged With Stealing $150,000 From Investor:

The State Attorney’s Office mentioned that Rosner’s wife, Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel, was also involved in the real-estate deal but was not charged or implicated today. Lawyers representing Zabel said via email today that the judge says the dispute is nonsense.

“Judge Zabel stands by her husband against this baseless and very old civil dispute, which never should have been brought criminally,” lawyers Margot Moss and David Oscar Markus told New Times.

Oh puh-LEEZE!

Sarah Zabel is either the dumbest woman on the face of the planet … or she is an outright liar just like her husband.

Or both.

The fact that she’s a CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE should scare the hell out of every single person who enters her courtroom.

That fact that she’s a CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE is also the only reason  that State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle handed her a “Get Out of Jail FREE” card.

Do not think for one minute that there wasn’t “enough evidence” to charge Sarah Zabel with the same crimes that Myron has allegedly  committed.

It’s patently obvious that Rundle is not about to arrest a sitting judge and risk alienating an entire bench of Miami-Dade County judges who rule on cases she brings before them.

In the court of public opinion, however, CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE SARAH ZABEL is just as guilty as her despicable husband, North Miami Beach Ex-Mayor/CONVICTED FELON MYRON ROSNER.

Myron and Sarah are the pariahs of North Miami Beach.

They’ll never eat lunch in this town again.


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    Seems to me that her fingerprints are all over the entire deal. How could she be absolved just because she signs an affidavit?


  3. Concerned says:

    How does this women still have the right to be on that stand??? OF COURSE SHE KNEW WHAT IS GOING on !! This is a disgrace!!!
    She needs to be removed from all cases until further notice!


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      Yes, she should. Perhaps the Governor would be interested in this case. Just a thought.


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        Yes absolutely ! She needs to step down or be removed until this investigation is over. There is no way she forgot she did anything or forgot she signed those checks! So in a court case someone says they forgot they murdered someone that’s ok????


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