Chief Lenny: Fourth time’s the charm?

Chief Lenny's GoneCongratulations, Miramar!  You just became the lucky recipient of an MDPD Miami Dade Corrections North Miami Police Department reject.

Like his infamous NMPD predecessors Jeffrey Key and Peter Cruz, who landed career-ending gigs in Opa-locka, Lenny Burgess was just hired as the Assistant Chief to Miramar PD’s brand spanking new Chief, Dexter M. Williams.

Over the years, Miramar has contributed so much to the City of North Miami … things like Lucie Tondreau’s boyfriend/co-defendantan assortment of carpetbaggers, and shady city vendors, to name a few.

North Miami finally got a chance to return the favor.

Mazel tov, Miramar!  You drew the short straw.

Before he was forced out resigned, Chief Lenny told the North Miami Mayor and Council that he was leaving because his wife (whom he wants you to know is Haitian) was about to retire, and he wanted to spend more time with her.

He obviously lied.


Oh, were there others?

Oh? Were there others?

The ink was barely dry on his resignation letter when he accepted the position from a fellow member of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives to help run the Miramar PD … into the ground.

For a recap of NMPD EX-Chief Lenny’s brief, but calamitous, stint as North Miami’s Top Cop, please check out Chief Lenny’s Resignation: The End of an Error.

And those are just the highlights.  Or, should I say, the lowlights?

So many stories, so little time.

In any event, I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome the residents and police officers of the fair City of Miramar to join me on this journey as I continue to document – and make hilarious fun of – the antics of your newest Assistant Chief of Police.

But, first, please allow Chief Lenny to say a few parting words to all the good men and women of the North Miami Police Department whose lives he made a living hell.

P.S.  ” 🙂 … Thank u

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Ellen says:

    Condolences to the residents of Miramar. Your loss is North Miami’s gain. Burgess is all yours. Enjoy!


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  2. E-NOBLE-ER says:

    You can keep him Miramar. Be ready for twisted speeches and tons of tongue twisters during meetings and briefings. He fills awkward silences with his favorite phrases…..Here, there, everywhere, good input, good job, job well done, moving forward, interesting, kudos. By the way Miramar, you’ll also lose your Accreditation. This is worse than calling you guys out for the Running Man Challenge. “Boy you should know that, I’ve got you on my mind. My secret admirer, I’ve been watching you.” Have fun Miramar. This is our payback for all the great things you’ve contributed to North Miami. Do you have any room left for more? We’re giving away a fat redneck and a budget guy felon. A word of advice…Surround yourselves with those on the same mission as you!


  3. Bob the Dog says:

    Oh,WOW used to work in one lived in the other, retired and long gone. He screwed up 1 and gets to screw up another. Sorry guys.


  4. Glad he's gone says:

    Dear Miramar,
    Our deepest condolences on your getting Burgess as Assitant Chief. We sincerely hope your employees are permanently damaged by him. He was the worst thing to happen to us and we are all glad to see him gone. Word to our fellow LEO’s: watch your backs with this guy.


  5. Miramar Politics says:

    Ah yes our great commissioners hired another loser in a long line of losers.


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