Frantz PierreWe interrupt everything in North Miami Beach for some breaking news!

What North Miami Beach Councilcritter Frantz Pierre did yesterday positively defies words.  He has outdone himself with his overblown sense of power.

I’ll follow up eventually with my usual biting commentary, but you need to see this NOW!

Here are the official emails, which speak for themselves.  Click the links to see full texts and attachments!

Email #1:

Email 1Email #2:

Email 2Email #3:

Email 3Email #4:

Email 4Email #5:

Email 5Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Chuck Lora says:

    wow wow wow wow. if this doesn’t bring him down, then the city of nmb deserves to have this despicable troll ‘serving’ in the city’s best interest.


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  2. David Templer says:

    Maybe he think you get more with vinegar than honey.


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  3. Barbara says:

    This would be funny… IF IT WERE A CARTOON. This guy really needs some serious help; EAP (Employee Assistance Program).


  4. Walter Ward says:

    Who wants to bet, nothing comes of this


  5. Kenneth De Fillipo says:

    He’s gotten away with everything however, what goes around comes around..TIME FOR HIM TO GO HE IS TOTAL DISGRACE TO THE CITY AND RESIDENTS!!!!!


  6. Ricardo says:

    “…let’s refrain from any further emails or discussion on this matter.
    I will meet with you in person tomorrow…”

    —– —— —— —–

    eMail is public record, right?
    Meeting in person gives an opportunity to sort things out without “gadflies” or public scrutiny.
    Looks like transparency is not really a priority around NMB.
    Just sayin’…


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      In all fairness, the chief wrote that because it has now become an investigation. Details about investigations are not a matter of public record until the investigation is complete. The chief writing that is actually a good sign because it shows he is taking this very seriously.


      1. Ricardo says:

        In that case, I’ll take it back … until the details of the investigation are made public.


  7. ramonda says:

    Its just friendly competition no need to tell lies… #pettyAf


  8. The truth is great says:

    I always new him and Myron Rosner had
    Many things in common:
    Code violation breakers
    Both have had several run ins with code inforcrment
    No respect for anyone and especially city employees
    Both are Theives yes, they stole from our city
    Both abused the system with absentee ballots
    Frantz Pierre must go!!!


  9. Humble Servant says:

    Wait a minute, Let’s not all jump to conclusions here. It was all a mis-understanding. It seems that Ms. Lewis mis-understood what I said. It’s not my fault she doesn’t understand Creoleglish. I simply thanked her for being a humble servant like me and offered to humbly accept the summons in which I was delighted to receive. It shows how popular I am to actually be thought of by the City to be chosen for this honor. As a humble servant and educator, I fully accept this and know it is a sign from the Voodoo Queen that I will win and be re-elected. It is my destiny to be your humble servant for four more years.

    Your Humble Servant


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