The Kissel Chronicles: No one is safe. NO ONE!

We’ve already seen how North Miami Police Sergeant Joseph Kissel harasses female employees, and how his cronies at the department cover up for him, but what he did to a North Miami man, his common-law wife and their two minor children is even more shocking.

On November 16, 2005, Mr. Alberic Israel was involved in a shooting incident in which his wife, Sheila Mesadieu was injured.  Mr. Israel drove her to the hospital and while he was in the waiting room, the police arrived, and he was arrested by Joey Kissel.

That was only the beginning of his nightmare.

According to Mr. Israel’s first of three lawsuits filed in the U.S. District Court against Kissel and the North Miami Police Department, Mr. Israel alleged that Kissel had his 1995 Lexus towed and impounded.

On November 28, 2005, Mr. Israel’s wife and sister attempted to collect his car and other personal property, only to be told by Kissel that they needed a power of attorney to do so.

They returned on December 9, 2005 with a power of attorney, but were turned away because they were told “Detective Kissel was not there.”

When Ms. Mesadieu and her sister-in-law went back to the police department on January 5, 2006, they were told by Joey Kissel that Mr. Israel’s car was sold.

In his lawsuit, Mr. Israel also claimed that his Movado watch was removed, and a firearm registered in his name, which was not involved in the shooting, was inside the car when it was allegedly sold.  In June of 2006, his attorney filed a motion in court for the return of his property.  The motion was granted, but the North Miami Police Department claimed that all of his property was gone.  Mr. Israel sued for a total monetary loss of $18,347.08, and he wanted to be repaid.

In 2009, Mr. Israel and his common-law wife, Sheila Masadieu, filed another lawsuit in the Miami-Dade County Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, and by this time, the plight of Mr. Israel and his family became even worse.

Mr. Israel alleged that after he was arrested by Joseph Kissel, he was transported to the Dade County Jail, but not before Kissel removed his Movado watch and cell phone.  His 2005 Lexus and the firearm in its trunk were also impounded.

On October 4, 2006, his attorney filed another motion for the return of his property “where all parties agreed that the car was of no evidentiary value, however it was alleged that there was no information regarding the watch, cell phone, or firearm.”

Assistant State Attorney Helen Page, who was also named in this lawsuit, agreed that the car was of no evidentiary value, but told the court that the car had been at the police station for months without being claimed even though she had signed a release for it.  ASA Page did admit, however, that Mr. Israel was never notified that his car was released, and that his lawyer was told by Kissel the car had been sold.

The lawsuit also alleged that if Ms. Masadieu had been “provided adequate due process,” she could have retrieved the car without a power of attorney due to her common-law status as Mr. Israel’s wife.”

It was also determined that Florida Statutes provided a 60-day window of opportunity for her to retrieve her husband’s property.  When she asked Kissel for the property on November 28, 2005, twelve days after her husband’s arrest, he told her she needed a power of attorney, which she then obtained.  When she asked Kissel again for the property on December 9, 2005, less than 30 days after it had been impounded, Joey told Ms. Masadieu that “the car had been sold, and no other property belonging to Plaintiff existed.

It gets worse.

The couple’s lawsuit also alleged that there is no policy in the North Miami Police Department that prohibits prisoners from being transferred from the police station to the jail with their watches, and that Kissel took his watch for no apparent reason.

When it was determined that neither his cell phone, nor his car, nor the firearm in its trunk were needed as evidence in the criminal case, Mr. Israel alleged “it is reasonable to conclude that they were confiscated for the sole purpose of deriving some personal … gain,” and that his property was “therefore misappropriated and/or stolen by Kissel.”

He also accused Kissel of deliberately intending “to permanently deprive Plantiff and his family of the use and benefit of the property in total disregard of both the U.S. and Florida Constitution’s prohibition against deprivation without probable cause.”

It gets worse.

During the course of Mr. Israel’s criminal trial, his wife testified that the shooting was “totally accidental and possibly caused by her own actions.”  She also claimed that Assistant State Attorney Helen Page repeatedly attempted to get her to change her story, “including bribery.”  When she refused, Page had Kissel arrest Ms. Masadieu on March 3, 2006.

According to the lawsuit, Ms. Masadieu, then 25 years of age, was at work when she received a call from her brother who was babysitting her two minor children, ages 7 and 11.  He told her to come home immediately, and when she arrived she learned that Sergeant Kissel had taken the children from her brother under threat of arrest, with the message that if his sister “wanted her children back, she would need to come to the police station.”

When she arrived at the police station, Ms. Masadieu “was arrested as a material witness in the case against” her husband.

When Sergeant Kissel was asked during the criminal trial why he took the children from the home, “in a blatant and deliberate act of perjury, [he] denied that he removed the children at all.”

The children were so traumatized about being held hostage by a policeman, they had to be relocated to Naples to live with their maternal grandmother for more than two years.  They lived in fear that “the bad white man is gonna come get us and mommy again.”

The lawsuit also named the City of North Miami for its “failure to train and monitor its police,” and “failed to retrain or instruct Kissel with regards to his cowboy manner in conducting himself in the homes of private citizens.”

The lawsuit further stated, “Therefore, Kissel’s overseaous, gung-ho tactics were inappropriate and ill-conceived where Kissel entered the home of a “witness,” threatened her family, and kidnapped her children for the sole purpose of winning a case against her husband whose only infraction was culpable negligence.”

And finally, the couple’s lawsuit alleged the false arrest of their minor children by Kissel who “knew or should have known that he had no legal or even logical basis for removing [them] from the home.”

Alberic Israel is still serving time in prison for the shooting of his wife.  While imprisoned, he filed a lawsuit in 2012 and another in 2016 with the U.S. District Court, as well an appeal in the U.S. Appellate Court.

He obviously has plenty of time on his hands.

Meanwhile, Mr. Israel’s wife, Sheila Masadieu, and their two children have been deprived of their transportation, dignity and liberty.

All thanks to the North Miami Police Department’s Sergeant Joseph “Joey” Kissel.

It’s not easy to sympathize with someone serving time in prison.  After all, because Mr. Israel was convicted of a felony he might not be considered a model citizen.

That may or may not be true, but keep in mind that, model citizen or not, he is still a human being.

He is still entitled to his civil rights.

Police officers, on the other hand, have a professional responsibility to behave appropriately.  It’s their job to be model citizens!

This one arrest alone by Joey Kissel, and its horrific consequences to a young North Miami family, is beyond unthinkable.

How many other times has Joey done this to people he’s arrested who have never had the courage to fight back in court?

How many others have “lost” their valuables on the way from the North Miami Police station to the jail?

Unfortunately,  we may never know.

As long as this police officer is still on the NMPD payroll, obviously no one is safe.

On another note…

Public records indicate that in 2004, Joseph Kissel purchased a 6 bedroom, 3 bath home in Miami-Dade County for the sum of $391,000.00, which he lost in foreclosure in 2013.

Central Mortgage Company was awarded a Final Judgment in the total amount (principal, interest and costs) of $627,647.58.

Wait, WHAT?

If you’re wondering how a police officer on a civil servant salary (he didn’t make Sergeant until 2012) could afford a nearly $400,000.00 home, you’re not alone.

If you’re wondering how he was able to borrow over half a million dollars on this property, you’re probably scratching your head.

Don’t forget, by the time he bought this home, he was four years into a long, and presumably very expensive, divorce from his wife.

Yeah, just something to think about.

In the meantime, if you live in, or travel through, North Miami, be on the lookout for Sergeant Joseph Kissel.

That’s if you value your children, your freedom, your personal property and your livelihood.

No one is safe.



Kissel Chronicles: Pa gen moun ki an sekirite. PYÈS MOUN!

Nou te deja wè kijan North Miami Lapolis Sèjan Joseph Kissell anplwaye anplwaye fi yo, ak kouman kanmarad li yo nan depatman an kouvri pou li, men sa li te fè nan yon nonm North Miami, madanm komen-lwa li yo ak de timoun minè yo menm plis chokan.

Sou 16 novanm 2005, Mesye Alberic pèp Izrayèl la te patisipe nan yon ensidan tire kote madanm li, Sheila Mesadieu te blese. Mesye pèp Izrayèl la te kondwi l ‘nan lopital la e pandan li te nan sal datant lan, lapolis te rive, e li te arete pa Joey Kissel.

Sa te sèlman nan konmansman an nan kochma l ‘yo.

Dapre Mesye Premye Ansyen pèp Izrayèl la nan twa pwose ki depoze nan Tribinal Distrik Etazini kont Kissel ak Depatman Polis Nò Miami, Mesye Izrayèl te swete ke Kissel te 1995 lexus l ‘yo te anbete ak anmède.

Nan mwa novanm 28, 2005, madanm ak sè pèp Izrayèl la te eseye kolekte machin li ak lòt pwopriyete pèsonèl, sèlman pou Kissel te di yo ke yo bezwen yon avoka pou yo fè sa.

Yo te retounen sou 9 desanm 2005 avèk yon avoka, men yo te vire do paske yo te di yo “Detectif Kissel pa t ‘la.”

Lè mesye Mesadieu ak sè-lwa-a te retounen nan depatman polis la nan dat 5 janvye 2006, yo te di Joey Kissel te di ke Mesye pèp Izrayèl la te vann.

Nan pwosè li, Mesye pèp Izrayèl la te deklare tou ke Movado li te retire, ak yon zam ki te anrejistre nan non l ‘, ki pa te patisipe nan fiziyad la, te andedan machin nan lè li te swadizan vann. Nan mwa Jen an 2006, avoka l ‘te depoze yon mosyon nan tribinal pou retounen nan pwopriyete l’ yo. Mouvman an te akòde, men Depatman Lapolis nan North Miami te deklare ke tout pwopriyete li te ale. Mesye pèp Izrayèl la te konte pou yon pèt total lajan $ 18,347.08, e li te vle remèt li.

An 2009, Mesye pèp Izrayèl la ak madanm komen-lwa li a, Sheila Masadieu, te depoze yon lòt pwosè nan Tribinal Awondisman Miami-Dade Eleventh Judicial Circuit, e nan moman sa, konfli Mesye Izrayèl la ak fanmi li te vin pi mal.

Mesye pèp Izrayèl la te deklare ke apre li te arete Joseph Kissel, li te transpòte li nan prizon Dade County, men se pa anvan Kissel te retire Movado li ak telefòn selilè. Lexus 2005 li yo ak zam afe a nan kòf li yo tou te anmède.

Nan dat 4 oktòb 2006, avoka li a te depoze yon lòt mosyon pou retounen nan pwopriyete li “kote tout pati yo te dakò ke machin nan pa gen okenn valè prèv, sepandan li te swadizan ke pa te gen okenn enfòmasyon konsènan gade nan, telefòn selilè, oswa zam afe.

Asistan Pwokirè Eta Helen Page la, ki moun ki te rele nan pwosè sa a, te dakò ke machin nan pa gen okenn valè evidamman, men li te di tribinal la ke machin nan te nan estasyon lapolis la pou mwa san yo pa reklame menm si li te siyen yon lage pou li. ASA Page te admèt, sepandan, Mesye pèp Izrayèl la pa janm te avize ke machin li te libere, e ke avoka li te di pa Kissel te machin nan te vann.

Pwosè a tou te deklare ke si Madam Masadieu te “bay bon jan pwosè kòmsadwa,” li te kapab jwenn machin lan san yo pa yon avoka pouvwa akòz kondisyon komen-lwa li kòm Mesye pèp Izrayèl la.”

Li te tou detèmine ke Lwa Florid yo te bay yon “60-jou fenèt opòtinite” pou li rekipere pwopriyete mari l ‘la. Lè li te mande Kissel pou pwopriyete a sou Novanm 28, 2005, douz jou apre arestasyon mari l ‘, li te di li li te bezwen yon pouvwa avoka, ki li Lè sa a, jwenn. Lè li te mande Kissel ankò pou pwopriyete a sou 9 desanm 2005, mwens pase 30 jou apre li te anvayi, Joey te di Madam Masadieu ke “te machin nan te vann, e pa gen okenn lòt pwopriyete ki fè pati Pleyan an te egziste.”

Li vin pi mal.

Pwosè koup la tou te akize ke pa gen okenn politik nan Depatman Lapolis nan North Miami ki entèdi prizonye yo te transfere nan estasyon lapolis la nan prizon an ak mont yo, e ke Kissel te pran l ‘gade pou okenn rezon aparan.

Lè yo te detèmine ke ni telefòn selilè l ‘, ni machin li, ni zam afe a nan kòf li yo te bezwen kòm prèv nan ka kriminèl la, Mesye pèp Izrayèl la swadizan “li rezonab konkli ke yo te konfiske pou objektif la sèl nan deriving some pèsonèl … genyen, “e ke pwopriyete l ‘yo te” Se poutèt sa irepropriated ak / oswa yo vòlè li pa Kissel. “

Li te tou te akize Kissel nan fè espre entansyon “nan anpeche Plantiff ak tout fanmi li nan itilizasyon ak benefis nan pwopriyete a nan mank respè total de tou de US la ak Konstitisyon Konstitisyon Florid la kont privasyon san yo pa lakòz pwobab.”

Li vin pi mal.

Pandan jij kriminèl Mesye pèp Izrayèl la, madanm li te temwaye ke fiziyad la te “totalman aksidan e pètèt ki te koze pa aksyon pwòp li yo.” Li te tou te deklare ke Asistan Pwokirè Eta Helen Page a repete eseye fè li chanje istwa li, “ki gen ladan koripsyon. “Lè li te refize, paj te gen Kissel arestasyon Madan Masadieu sou 3 mas 2006.

Dapre pwosè a, Madam Masadieu, Lè sa a, 25 ane ki gen laj, te nan travay lè li te resevwa yon apèl nan men frè l ‘ki te babysitting de timoun minè li yo, laj 7 ak 11. Li te di l’ vini lakay imedyatman, ak lè li te rive li te aprann ke Sergeant Kissel te pran timoun yo nan men frè l ‘anba menas arestasyon, ak mesaj la ke si sè l’ “te vle pitit li yo tounen, li ta bezwen vini nan estasyon lapolis la.”

Lè li te rive nan estasyon lapolis, Madam Masadieu “te arete kòm yon temwen materyèl nan ka a kont” mari l ‘.

Lè Sergeant Kissel te mande pandan pwosè kriminèl lan poukisa li te pran timoun yo nan kay la, “nan yon zak flagran ak ekspre nan fo temwayaj, [li] te refize ke li te retire timoun yo nan tout.”

Timoun yo te tèlman traumatisé sou ke yo te kenbe an otaj pa yon polisye, yo te dwe relwe Naples yo viv ak grann manman yo pou plis pase de zan. Yo te viv nan pè ke “move moun blan an pral vin jwenn nou ak manman ankò.”

Pwosè a te rele Vil North Miami tou pou li “pa kapab fòme epi kontwole lapolis li yo,” ak “echwe pou refè oswa enstwi Kissel ak konsyans li nan fason Cowboy li nan fè tèt li nan kay sitwayen prive”.

Pwosè a pli lwen deklare, “Se poutèt sa, sipèvize Kissel a, taktik gung-ho yo te apwopriye ak malad-konsepsyon kote Kissel te antre nan kay la nan yon” temwen, “menase fanmi li, kidnape pitit li yo pou objektif la sèl nan genyen yon ka kont li mari ki gen sèlman enfraksyon te neglijans koupab. “

Epi finalman, pwosè koup la te akize fo arestasyon timoun piti yo pa Kissel ki “te konnen oswa ta dwe te konnen ke li pa te gen okenn baz legal oswa menm lojik pou retire [yo] soti nan kay la.”

Alberic pèp Izrayèl la toujou ap sèvi tan nan prizon pou tire nan madanm li. Pandan l te nan prizon, li te depoze yon pwosè nan lane 2012 ak yon lòt nan lane 2016 avèk Tribinal Distrik Etazini, osi byen yon apèl nan Tribinal Apèl US.

Li evidamman gen anpil tan sou men l ‘yo.

Pandan se tan, madam pèp Izrayèl la, Sheila Masadieu, ak de timoun yo yo te anpeche transpò yo, diyite ak libète.

Tout mèsi nan sòlda Depatman Polis Nò Miami Joseph “Joey” Kissel la.

Li pa fasil senpatize ak yon moun k ap sèvi tan nan prizon. Apre yo tout, paske Mesye pèp Izrayèl la te kondane pou yon krim li pa ta ka konsidere kòm yon sitwayen modèl.

Sa ka oswa pa ka vre, men kenbe nan tèt ou ke, sitwayen modèl oswa ou pa, li se toujou yon moun.

Li toujou gen dwa pou dwa sivil li yo.

Ofisye polis, nan lòt men an, gen yon responsablite pwofesyonèl yo konpòte yo kòmsadwa. Li nan travay yo yo dwe sitwayen modèl!

Sa a yon sèl arestasyon pou kont li pa Joey Kissel, ak konsekans terib li yo nan yon jenn ti fanmi nan fanmi North Miami, se pi lwen pase unthinkable.

Konbyen fwa Joey te fè sa a bay moun li te arete ki pa janm te gen kouraj nan batay nan tribinal?

Konbyen lòt moun ki te “pèdi” valè yo sou wout la nan estasyon North Miami Polis la nan prizon an?

Malerezman, nou pa janm ka konnen.

Osi lontan ke ofisye lapolis sa a toujou sou pewòl NMPD a, evidamman pa gen yon sèl ki an sekirite.

Sou yon lòt nòt …

Dosye piblik yo endike ke an 2004, Joseph Kissel te achte yon 6 chanm, 3 kay benyen nan Konte Miami-Dade pou sòm total $ 391,000.00, ki li te pèdi nan sezi nan 2013.

Santral Mortgage Konpayi te akòde yon Jijman final nan kantite total (direktè lekòl, enterè ak depans) nan $ 627,647,58.

Tann, KISA?

Si w ap mande ki jan yon ofisye lapolis sou yon salè sèvitè sivil (li pa t ‘fè Sèjan jouk 2012) te kapab peye yon kay prèske $ 400,000.00, ou pa poukont ou.

Si w ap mande ki jan li te kapab prete plis pase yon demi milyon dola sou pwopriyete sa a, w ap pwobableman grate tèt ou.

Pa bliye, pa tan an li te achte kay sa a, li te kat ane nan yon long, ak prezimableman trè chè, divòs soti nan madanm li.

Yeah, jis yon bagay yo reflechi sou.

Antretan, si ou abite, oswa vwayaje atravè, North Miami, se pou vijilan pou Sèjan Joseph Kissel.

Sa a si ou apresye pitit ou yo, libète ou, pwopriyete pèsonèl ou ak mwayen poul viv ou.

Pa gen moun ki an sekirite.



Las Crónicas de Kissel: Nadie está a salvo. ¡NADIE!

Ya vimos cómo el sargento de policía de North Miami, Joseph Kissell, hostiga a las empleadas, y cómo sus compinches en el departamento lo encubrían, pero lo que le hizo a un hombre de North Miami, su esposa de hecho y sus dos hijos menores es par más impactante

El 16 de noviembre de 2005, el Sr. Alberic Israel estuvo involucrado en un tiroteo en el cual su esposa, Sheila Mesadieu resultó herida. El Sr. Israel la llevó al hospital y, mientras estaba en la sala de espera, llegó la policía y fue arrestado por Joey Kissel.

Eso fue solo el comienzo de su pesadilla.

Según la primera de las tres demandas presentadas por el Sr. Israel en el Tribunal de Distrito de los EE. UU. Contra Kissel y el Departamento de Policía de North Miami, el Sr. Israel alegó que Kissel había remolcado y confiscado su Lexus 1995.

El 28 de noviembre de 2005, la esposa y la hermana del Sr. Israel intentaron recoger su automóvil y otros bienes personales, solo para que Kissel les dijera que necesitaban un poder para hacerlo.

Regresaron el 9 de diciembre de 2005 con un poder, pero fueron rechazados porque “les dijeron” el detective Kissel no estaba allí “.

Cuando la Sra. Mesadieu y su cuñada volvieron al departamento de policía el 5 de enero de 2006, Joey Kissel les dijo que habían vendido el automóvil de Israel.

En su demanda, el Sr. Israel también afirmó que su reloj Movado fue removido, y un arma de fuego registrada a su nombre, que no estuvo involucrada en el tiroteo, estaba dentro del automóvil cuando supuestamente fue vendida. En junio de 2006, su abogado presentó una moción ante el tribunal por la devolución de su propiedad. La moción fue concedida, pero el Departamento de Policía de North Miami afirmó que todas sus pertenencias habían desaparecido. El Sr. Israel demandó por una pérdida monetaria total de $ 18,347.08 y quería que le devolvieran el dinero.

En 2009, el Sr. Israel y su esposa de hecho, Sheila Masadieu, presentaron otra demanda en la Corte del Onceavo Circuito Judicial del Condado de Miami-Dade, y en este momento, la difícil situación del Sr. Israel y su familia empeoró.

El Sr. Israel alegó que después de que fue arrestado por Joseph Kissel, fue transportado a la cárcel del condado de Dade, pero no antes de que Kissel retirara su reloj Movado y su teléfono celular. Su 2005 Lexus y el arma de fuego en su tronco también fueron confiscados.

El 4 de octubre de 2006, su abogado presentó otra moción para la devolución de su propiedad “donde todas las partes acordaron que el automóvil no tenía valor probatorio, sin embargo, se alegó que no había información con respecto al reloj, teléfono celular o arma de fuego.

La Asistente de la Fiscal Estatal Helen Page, quien también fue nombrada en esta demanda, estuvo de acuerdo en que el automóvil no tenía valor probatorio, pero le dijo al tribunal que el automóvil había estado en la estación de policía durante meses sin ser reclamado aunque ella había firmado un eso. Sin embargo, ASA Page admitió que al Sr. Israel nunca se le notificó que su automóvil había sido liberado, y que Kissel le había dicho a su abogado que el automóvil había sido vendido.

La demanda también alegó que si a la Sra. Masadieu se le hubiera “proporcionado el debido proceso adecuado”, podría haber recuperado el automóvil sin un poder notarial debido a su condición de ley común como la esposa del Sr. Israel.”

También se determinó que los Estatutos de la Florida proporcionaban una “oportunidad de 60 días” para que recuperara la propiedad de su esposo. Cuando ella le pidió a Kissel la propiedad el 28 de noviembre de 2005, doce días después del arresto de su esposo, él le dijo que necesitaba un poder legal, que luego obtuvo. Cuando volvió a preguntarle a Kissel por la propiedad el 9 de diciembre de 2005, menos de 30 días después de haber sido confiscada, Joey le dijo a la Sra. Masadieu que “el automóvil había sido vendido y no existían otras propiedades pertenecientes a la Demandante”.

Se pone peor.

La demanda de la pareja también alega que no hay una política en el Departamento de Policía de North Miami que prohíba que los presos sean trasladados de la estación de policía a la cárcel con sus relojes, y que Kissel se quitó el reloj sin ninguna razón aparente.

Cuando se determinó que ni su teléfono celular, ni su automóvil, ni el arma de fuego en su baúl eran necesarios como evidencia en la causa penal, el Sr. Israel alegó que “es razonable concluir que fueron confiscados con el único propósito de derivar algunos personal … obtener, “y que su propiedad fue”, por lo tanto, desviada y / o robada por Kissel “.

También acusó a Kissel de tener la intención deliberada de “privar permanentemente a Plantiff y su familia del uso y beneficio de la propiedad en total desprecio de la prohibición de Estados Unidos y la Constitución de la Florida contra la privación sin causa probable”.

Se pone peor.

Durante el juicio penal del Sr. Israel, su esposa testificó que el tiroteo fue “totalmente accidental y posiblemente causado por sus propias acciones”. También afirmó que la Fiscal Estatal Auxiliar Helen Page intentó reiteradamente cambiar su historia, “incluso soborno. “Cuando ella se negó, Page hizo que Kissel arrestara a la Sra. Masadieu el 3 de marzo de 2006.

Según la demanda, la Sra. Masadieu, que entonces tenía 25 años, estaba en el trabajo cuando recibió una llamada de su hermano que estaba cuidando a sus dos hijos menores, de 7 y 11 años. Le dijo que volviera a casa inmediatamente, y cuando ella Al llegar supo que la sargento Kissel había sacado a los niños de su hermano bajo amenaza de arresto, con el mensaje de que si su hermana “quería recuperar a sus hijos, tendría que ir a la estación de policía”.

Cuando llegó a la estación de policía, la Sra. Masadieu “fue arrestada como testigo material en el caso contra” su esposo.

Cuando se le preguntó al sargento Kissel durante el juicio penal por qué había sacado a los niños del hogar, “en un acto de perjurio flagrante y deliberado, [él] negó haber eliminado a los niños en absoluto”.

Los niños estaban tan traumatizados por ser secuestrados por un policía, que tuvieron que ser trasladados a Nápoles para vivir con su abuela materna durante más de dos años. Vivieron con miedo de que “el hombre blanco malo vendrá a buscarnos a mamá y a nosotros otra vez”.

La demanda también nombró a la Ciudad de North Miami por su “falla en entrenar y monitorear a su policía”, y “no entrenó ni instruyó a Kissel en cuanto a su manera de vaquero de conducirse en las casas de ciudadanos privados”.

La demanda también declaró: “Por lo tanto, las tácticas exageradas de Kissel eran inapropiadas y mal concebidas cuando Kissel ingresó a la casa de un” testigo “, amenazó a su familia y secuestró a sus hijos con el único propósito de ganar un caso en su contra. esposo cuya única infracción fue negligencia culpable “.

Y finalmente, la demanda de la pareja alegaba el arresto falso de sus hijos menores por parte de Kissel que “sabía o debería haber sabido que no tenía ninguna base legal o incluso lógica para sacarlos del hogar”.

Alberic Israel todavía está cumpliendo un tiempo en prisión por el asesinato de su esposa. Mientras estuvo encarcelado, presentó una demanda en 2012 y otra en 2016 ante el Tribunal de Distrito de EE. UU., Así como una apelación ante el Tribunal de Apelaciones de EE. UU.

Obviamente tiene mucho tiempo en sus manos.

Mientras tanto, la esposa del Sr. Israel, Sheila Masadieu, y sus dos hijos han sido privados de su transporte, dignidad y libertad.

Todo gracias al Sargento Joseph “Joey” Kissel del Departamento de Policía de North Miami.

No es fácil simpatizar con alguien que cumple condena en prisión. Después de todo, debido a que el Sr. Israel fue declarado culpable de un delito grave, podría no ser considerado como un ciudadano modelo.

Eso puede o no ser cierto, pero tenga en cuenta que, ciudadano modelo o no, él todavía es un ser humano.

Él todavía tiene derecho a sus derechos civiles.

Los agentes de policía, por otro lado, tienen la responsabilidad profesional de comportarse adecuadamente. ¡Es su trabajo ser ciudadanos modelo!

Este único arresto de Joey Kissel, y sus horrendas consecuencias para una joven familia de North Miami, es más que impensable.

¿Cuántas veces le ha hecho esto a las personas que ha arrestado que nunca tuvieron el coraje de defenderse en la corte?

¿Cuántos otros han “perdido” sus objetos de valor en el camino desde la estación de policía de North Miami a la cárcel?

Desafortunadamente, es posible que nunca lo sepamos.

Mientras este oficial de policía aún esté en la nómina del NMPD, obviamente nadie está a salvo.

En otra nota…

Los registros públicos indican que en 2004, Joseph Kissel compró un hogar de 6 habitaciones y 3 baños en el condado de Miami-Dade por la suma de $ 391,000.00, que perdió en ejecución hipotecaria en 2013.

Central Mortgage Company recibió un Juicio Final por el monto total (principal, intereses y costos) de $ 627,647.58.

¿Esperar lo?

Si te estás preguntando cómo un oficial de policía con un salario de funcionario (que no hizo sargento hasta 2012) podría pagar una casa de casi $ 400,000.00, no estás solo.

Si se pregunta cómo pudo pedir prestado más de medio millón de dólares en esta propiedad, probablemente se esté rascando la cabeza.

No olvide, para cuando compró esta casa, tuvo cuatro años en un divorcio largo, y presumiblemente muy costoso, con su esposa.

Sí, solo algo en lo que pensar.

Mientras tanto, si vives o viajas a través de North Miami, estate atento al sargento Joseph Kissel.

Eso es si valoras a tus hijos, tu libertad, tu propiedad personal y tu forma de ganarse la vida.

Nadie esta seguro.


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Why do you keep sticking up for corrupt cops?


      1. El Nuder says:

        I get it Stephanie – you are not interested in exposing your friends or partners, not sure what you get our of the “ship” with Keys, Howard and Laura. But whatever is happening there stinks and one day we’ll find out the source of that stench.

        Here’s a link to your very post where I had a brief interaction with Laura Hill. As you can see – it died quickly once facts were presented.



        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          The conversation died because you were wrong about Laura Hill, not because you presented any facts contradicting her opinion.

          I have spoken at length with Ms. Keyes about the property you keep insisting was “illegally” purchased (and I understand you have an agenda), and I was satisfied that she did not violate any laws or rules of ethics in government. In case you’re interested, she also received an opinion from Joe Centorino, the Executive Director of the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics, as well as the city attorney, that there was no impropriety BEFORE she purchased the property. Why don’t you ask her yourself? If you’re her constituent, you have a right to discuss these issues with her directly instead of spreading false information without confirmation.

          Just saying.


          1. Laura Hill says:

            I’ve established who el nudes is, and I am well aware where the information he is getting comes from. I feel no need to continue arguing the merits of establishing a native plant nursery in a formerly abandoned lot. It is a good community forward project. Very much in line with the stated objectives of the group objecting to it.

            Nobody has filled pockets flush with cash on this nursery. You are attacking the wrong people- we have done nothing to deserve the wrath. You brought my name into it alleging misdeeds, meanwhile I’m just here helping set up a native, non pesticide, non invasive nursery.

            Meanwhile, there’s a huge bond project, a shady state audit and plenty of other things going on that may be more useful things to fight.

            I’m just gonna keep on planting, promoting local artisans, farmer’s and environmentalism. Keep advocating for Cagni park, implementation of the pesticide ban, cleaning up Biscayne river and sewage dumping. Peace out.


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          2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            Laura, you are an asset to North Miami. Thanks for all your hard work making the city a great place to live, work and raise a family.

            By the way, that state audit is mighty shady indeed! It will be interesting when the final report is published.


  1. El Nuder says:

    Wow Stephanie, that came out of left field. Apparently you haven’t been reading my posts. I LOVE your work on the NOMI Cops…they are a bunch of corrupt individuals. If you had read my comments from past posts – you are barking up the wrong tree. You seem to be finding all these stories about police officers in NOMI but don’t hold the commissioners responsible for it. Almost as if the Mayor weren’t the one walking down the street with nomi police or Carol Keys wasn’t the one kissing ass in order to get a few of them to ride down the street on a saturday.

    My point is you are FIXATED on the police department and as you can see from my two links posted…a lot is happening right underneath your nose from OTHER DEPARTMENTS. Just step back and look at the forest for the trees…

    Maybe you should look into the properties our DISTRICT 2 COMMISSIONER has purchased under her husband’s LLC which was created – surprisingly, months before the purchase. Now, said property is magically being leased or loaned or as a friendly neighbor given away for free – to a business leader in North Miami who happens to have been contracted by Carol Keys to do landscape in…well, let’s just say his pockets are nice and filled. Don’t see a story? Maybe not – maybe it’s not as sexy as a good ol police officer story but don’t say i’m sticking up for anyone.



    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      See my comment above.


    2. Laura Hill says:

      Hector, if you have a problem with me you can just call me. Oh yeah, you did. And we went through all your accusations and none of them had any concrete reality.

      I’m disappointed in your accusations, especially behind a fake name.



    3. Hector….now i know you are nothing but a liar and a gossip.
      I work 7 days a week to help the environment and my pockets are anything but full.
      You do nothing but spread gossip and lies about anyone who stands in the way of your political agenda of personal destruction.
      What are your ideas to improve this city?
      What are you doing to improve this city?
      Telling lies about good people you should be ashamed of yourself.


    4. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Hate to take the wind out of your sails, Nuder. But, if you knew anything about commercial real estate, you’d know that buyers almost always form LLCs in order to purchase property. As an example, my boss is a partner in a restaurant franchise. Each time the partnership buys a property to build a new restaurant, it forms a brand new LLC for that property. This is standard business practice. Your “discovery” that Ms. Keys formed an LLC in her husband’s name specifically to purchase that property is a non-starter.

      Ms. Keys also told me that when she heard the property was being sold, for several months she tried to get the City of North Miami to purchase it. When the City didn’t make an offer, she decided to move forward.

      There was nothing nefarious about any of this.


  2. Leo Fernandez Sr. says:

    Personally, I am aware that there there’s a lot corruption in many cities and counties throughout South Florida… Just as there was a lot of crime happening in Miami-Dade County, but I could not respond to every call, I was just one of many officers, but I did my best to take care of my assigned area… Don’t know what EL NADER is complaining about, you are just one of many reporters… You can only do so much…
    As far as your story about the North Miami Sergeant, J. Kissel, I’m flabbergasted by his actions, how he has kept his job and gotten promoted is really beyond comprehension, and I agree that the residents of North Miami deserve better, not only from their police department, but by their elected officials who have totally and continuously failed them… I really wish your reports would get more local and national media exposure… Or is everyone waiting to for something like what happened in small city by the bay where officers were involved in dealing with drug traffickers a few years back? Keep doing what you’re doing, people are not supposed to be afraid of the police, we’re supposed to serve and protect, not intimidate and imprisoned the innocent…
    When is Rundle-Fernandez, Rick Scott, FDLE, or Pam Bondi going to start looking at the problems and politics that have become a cancer in South Florida? Or is the corruption that high? One can only wonder…
    Thank you for all you do…
    Take care and keep exposing what you can…


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Thank you. I do my best. I know it looks like I’m just picking on the NMPD when there are other areas of concern in North Miami. Those issues are important, but nothing is more important than a city’s police department and public safety. All other problems are secondary if the cops at the top are incompetent or corrupt, or both. How can the residents of North Miami feel served and protected when they cannot trust those who wear a badge, carry a gun, and abuse their power? Joey Kissel has been allowed to terrorize not only female employees at the police department, but as you can see, anyone else who he believes is too helpless to fight back. He outright lied to Ms. Masadieu’s face about the car, stole her children, threatened her brother and destroyed her life, all because she had the misfortune of his responding to the call for help. He preys on the weak, the poor, and the underprivileged … because he can. And, because he’s been protected by Larry Juriga, he’s been getting away with it for years.

      North Miami residents deserve so much better.


      1. El Nuder says:

        I’ll say it here and in emails – you’re truly an asset to North Miami. I come here because I like the blog. We have disagreements, normal. We’re adults. I don’t know what LOE is talking about but you’re a great source.


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